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Fun, Fun

Its been a fun couple of days. Well, not really. My docs were out of the office on Friday so I ended up going to the ER that afternoon when the pain had spread to both legs and my ankles were a little swollen, despite the lasix. The ER doc ordered blood tests and my protime was even lower than it was on Wednesday despite the increase in coumadin. She also did a test to see if there was a possible clot, and it showed there may be so I had an ultrasound on both legs. Hurt like hell between my mid-thigh and my knees but I survived.

The right leg is clear, but there is still scar tissue in the left where there was before - probably some worse because of the thickening but hopefully will clear out again. I was so relieved there wasn't a blockage. She gave me a large dose of coumadin there, and then told me to keep it at the higher dose until Tuesday when I see my regular docs and have another protime taken. See where we're at.

My legs have really hurt, especially yesterday. Pain pills and keeping them elevated have helped a lot. Today, so far I haven't had to take a pain pill. YAY!

RA hasn't been too bad - but then again I've been on the pain pills!


At 2:16 PM , Blogger Dawn said...

I am really impressed the treatment you got in the ER. I know you are a special person and patient. They really jumped and that is fantastic. I am glad you are are feeling better today. Keep those legs elevated !! :)



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