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I had my follow up ultrasound today on my left ovary. The cysts are still there, although one is slightly smaller (better than bigger!) but its apparent that they're not related to ovulation. I should hear from my doctor sometime next week (hopefully!). She's supposed to get the results by Wednesday.

I know that some cysts are shrunken by using birth control pills, but I can't take them due to the increase risk of blood clots. Which is one of the driving factors behind my partial hysterectomy last year. Hemorrhaging was a huge risk as well as pregnancy (which was unlikely with my history) could have killed me. I was actually on BC constantly for a year (after my blood clot in June 2003) to prevent the hemorrhaging to give me a year to think about the hyster. I was at peace with it, and knew it had to be done. I found out after the surgery that I was full of fibroids as well as endormetriosis (sp? too lazy to look it up!) which the surgeon removed.

So June of 2004, my ovaries were fine. The cysts have formed since then.

Now to wait and see what needs to be done. I'm upset about this - yet one more thing I have to deal with. I'm still trying to stay positive but its hard when I have so many things to deal with. Many others have things worse than I do but this still upsets me. Time for a pity pot day I think, then I should be fine and ready to face what I need to.


At 7:40 AM , Blogger anniebee said...

You know, I found out after my hyst. that I had fibroids, and although they didn't find any other endometriosis, they thought that the cyst was probably endometrial. We have so much in common, but I wish it wasn't these things! Love you!!!!

At 3:42 PM , Blogger Coco said...

I had my first symptom of Endometriosis at the age of 17, during French Class...my friend Aida rushed me home, called the ambulance, physician on call said I would be OK- OUCH! I couldn't walk from the pain/spasms/cramps, plus I was "puking", had chills, hot sweats then cold sweats and diariah! (sp?) I
Life, as such, went on... doctors telling me that there was nothing they could do, and not telling me exactly what I had- It was "normal" they said!! Let me tell you, PAIN is NOT normal!!
Anyway, to make this short-
after many gyns' misdiagnosis and mistreatments/ wrong meds given to me....years later I had a Laparoscopy done and NEW gyn confirmed Endometriosis, we talked about pregnancy and meds-
No boyfriend (worth a "bean" at time) or possible husband- so no pregnancy. During gyn appt, dr. found cyst- his recommendation was to wait...that it was VERY small. Well that little cyst grew rapidly and had CLONED it self in multiple sets!! The pain! I couldn't walk-the pain just continued to get worse through time. NO ONE, not one dr. thought it could be my uterus/ENDO!! I had just had my anual PAP/gyn appt a few months earlier!
1999- age of 42- partial hysterectomy due to ENDO throughout and Fibroids everywhere in/on uterus... gyn left my ovaries, he said they were OK.
This is my story...
It took along time to heal physically as well as emotionally. I had just gotten married, we had both waited to find the "right" person with whom to share our life and have children with. We both would've been great parents.
When we found out I needed a Hysterectomy, we went to Italy for 3 weeks- I/we needed time to "mourn". It was Florence where I had my last "menses"...
I do NOT miss the pain I'd experienced each month-it was too painful. And it was a week or more of pain each time!
You'll be fine Karen. Again, I wish we were "geographically" closer... Talking, crying, and praying helps.
I'm here for you!


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