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No wonder I was feeling flu-ish, I'm getting sick. It started with a cough this morning, and hit immediatly hurt, then it is feeling like a sinus infection, and I feel like poo and feeling worse by the minute. Shit. When this stuff hits me, it hits me fast because of my lowered immune system (what the Remicade does) and getting infections easy.

I see my internist in the morning, good thing.........


At 7:11 PM , Blogger Dawn said...

I am glad you will be seeing your internist tomorrow. You might be in bed all weekend !! :(

Take care and get well as fast as you can !!


At 2:12 AM , Blogger BigBill said...

Hey hang in there!!
I weighed 320 lbs a few years ago and finally lost it and got myself in pretty good shape. Hope ya feel better!!


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