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Little Set-back

This has been a hot week, and it finally caught up with me - as well as being exhausted. Yesterday was tough, my finger joints were tight and I could feel the inflammation starting. By late afternoon the joints were purple and one finger kept locking up. I rested a lot, and slept well last night. I took an extra boost of prednisone today and within 3 hours I felt a difference. Things are better this afternoon too.

I finally got my internist's office to return my call, the poor people were confused and thought they'd already called me on the tests but ignored the new tests. Duh. I need to increase the coumadin more - at the higher dosage 4 x a week instead of 3. I'll see how that goes. I've also scheduled an appt with him for a general follow up on Sept 30. Maybe he can figure out why the blood keeps thickening.

I will call my gyno's office on Monday, since I haven't heard back from them. They don't like us to call unless it has been 2 weeks. *sigh* At least I know the cancer was negative... now to deal with the cysts and find out about the other blood tests.


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Blessings Karen...


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