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I've had a little bit of progress. My gyno's office called Friday afternoon about the cysts, and I've scheduled and appointment to see her on Oct 7, to discuss what needs to be done. Finally.

The past week has been bad pain-wise. I stayed home Monday from work, and felt some better but the rest of the week was worse than normal. Which is pretty much the way it goes, I realized it was the week before my Remicade and things usually get a little worse then. I'll go in Tuesday for the treatment.

I'm also seeing my internist on Friday, Sept 30, to see if he can figure out why my blood isn't staying where it needs to be, it keeps getting thicker.


At 4:27 PM , Blogger Dawn said...

Yeah for a remicade week !! I am hoping, maybe, they can laser your cysts. What do you think ??

(((Hugs & Love)))


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