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Better Night

I had a much better night last night, sleeping-wise. I’ve had weird pains in my left side the past couple of nights. Thursday was up by my ribs (and actually lasted all day too), and then last night it was down lower, and towards my back. It is gone again this morning, so I have no clue.

RA pain is a pain but I’m dealing with it. I did quite a bit of walking and shopping yesterday and it did feel good, but really tired me out. I also vacuumed to see how I’d do, and did fine. I didn’t feel any strain in my abdoman at all.

Incision is still looking good. Inside is still tender, especially when I sneeze our cough. Getting more feeling back on the outside above the incision too.
UC is behaving.

I'm back to using Blogger for my health log. :-) Thanks to Annie for hosting me for these past few months!!