Karens Health Log

Log of my health issues



Holy crap, I'm sore!! I've been using the shop vac to suck up the water from the wet carpet and my shoulders, arms, and hands are really sore this morning. I have pain right away from my joints when I vacuuming it, but this morning, the sore muscles came out. Needs to be done though!

I'm having a slight headache and I hope it goes away. I'm taking things easy today and will rest as much as I can.

UC is OK, and BS has been OK too.



I'm feeling a lot better today. After taking the 4th pain pill around 2pm yesterday, the headache finally was gone by about 6pm. Then my stomach started rebelling and I felt like throwing up, but I went to bed and laid there and watched TV until I fell asleep.

Not feeling too terribly achy today, but am very tired physically. UC is better today too.



I've got such a BAD BAD BAD sinus headache. I've taken one pain pill but will probably end up taking another one. I'm waiting for it to kick in, and for the Allegra to help before I do though. I'm a little achy today too, but compared to the headache, it isn't much.

UC is OK, I think... cramping a little but not bad. Haven't tested my BS this morning - I forgot again.



I got almost 8 hours of sleep last night and I'm feeling much better! Still having the usual aches and pains but don't feel like complete shit.

UC was a real pain yesterday afternoon and last night. Guess the salsa was too hot :-( But it tasted SOOOO good. I never learn do I?! But I do deserve one vice.

BS was good yesterday too, despite not eating a lot of dinner because I ate such a big lunch.



I just feel like shit today. I'm exhausted and hurt all over. I know it is from stress and not getting the rest I need between and work and school. Come on weekend...



I feel like shit - stress and lack of rest took it out of me yesterday... I'll just muddle through the best I can. I'm done with stressing about my sister. She can bite me.

UC is OK, and BS was a little low before dinner last night, but was OK this morning.



I feel like crap warmed over this morning - mostly due to emotional I think. Major stress last night and 2 xanax knocked me out, but didn't calm my dreams down any. Thanks to that dork of a sister of mine. I know I shouldn't let this stress get to me, but this is the last straw. I've reached the end of my patience with her and the whole situation.


Not too Bad

Not feeling to bad today. Bit achy but the nice, hot, steamy shower made me feel pretty good. I'm still going to take things easy today - unless I get ambitious and recover a quilt.

UC is OK, and has calmed down after the salsa. BS has been OK too.



I feel about the same as yesterday... nothing much new to report. I really got tired yesterday between cleaning and then shopping with my Mom. My feet and hips were killing me by the time I got home.

Today calls for rest - at least physical rest while I'm studying. Can't promise rest for my brain.

UC is a little angered, probably from the hot salsa yesterday. I know - bad Karen but it sure tasted good!


Some Better

Not feeling quite so yucky this morning. Still very tired and achy - but not so flu-ish. Having a pain in my lower abdoman, I think it is caused by the UC - not sure though. It is constant and feels like a cramp - not sharp pain. I've had it since yesterday afternoon and it hasn't changed.

BS was 103 this morning - perfect.



I'm feeling a bit like warmed over poo this morning. I think the combo of having the Remacade and the flu shot is making me feel more rotten than usual. Little on the flu-ish side. I'll live though. Pretty achy and sore too - could be from all that and this massive storm. Who knows...

UC is better today, and I forgot to test by BS again before I ate breakfast. Need to quit doing that...


Remacade Appt #17

My treatment went well today, didn't take quite as long as it usually does, I think maybe she might have sped up the drip a bit. Dr B said everything looks fine - and he wants to keep me on the prednisone still for a while, especially since the increase last month has helped the pain somewhat. I'm just glad he didn't increase it again today. He knows how bad I want to get off of it.

He convinced me to get a flu shot. I have a history of getting the flu big time each year when I get the shot - and it has been 6 years at least since I got one. I received the pneumonia shot last year, so this year he wanted me to get the flu shot. He feels that since I am on Remacade and it is lowering my immune system, that I need the extra defense. So, I was poked. My arm is sore already - both actually! One that the IV was in, and the shot one. Not too terrible though, I'm just aware of my arms when I move.


Feeling a bit yucky this morning. I woke up around 1am and my legs were so restless, they ached! So I took a pain pill and ate a snack, but I guess it wasn't enough on my stomach. Feeling some better now that I'm eating breakfast though.

Aches aren't too bad - probably because I took the pain pill! UC is being a pain too this morning, so I'm glad I'm home! BS was OK yesterday and I forgot to test it this morning as I was feeling shaky and ill - so I hurried and ate something.

Remacade appt today!


Not Much

to complain about. Usual aches and pains. UC is fine and my BS has been OK too. Dropped a little yesterday but to only 70. It hasn't dropped way low for a couple of weeks.

Remacade appt is tomorrow afternoon. I hope he'll let me decrease the prednisone now that I'm doing some better. I'd rather he increase the Remacade instead. We'll see what he says.


Some Better

I'm feeling some better after all the rest yesterday. Not quite so stiff and sore. No complaints really since I'm going to have another lazy day. BS and UC have been fine.



I'm very, very, very sore - it started yesterday afternoon and has gotten worse. Hips, feet, knees are the worst, but hands are bothering me a bit too.

UC is OK, BS is OK, just hurting and tired. Will have a very easy day today.



I'm feeling pretty good today. Not too sore at all. I am pretty tired still but that's normal.

UC has settled down, and BS was OK yesterday. Forgot to take it this morning but felt OK.



I'm so exhuasted and tired this morning. Both physically and emotionally. My mood is OK, I'm just worn out. Long week and I can't wait for it to be over.

BS was OK yesterday as far as I know - I forgot to test it and have already forgotten to this morning. I was a little shaky yesterday morning but ate a snack before I realized I needed to test my sugar.

My UC isn't being very nice this morning. I hope it calms down! Can't have a day like this.

Feeling achy still, but not bad enough for a pain pill. My headache is finally gone! It came back with a vengance yesterday afternoon and lasted all night.



I'm so tired this morning! Very achy too. I woke up about midnight to pee, and I could hardly move and I had a headache from hell. I ate a quick snack, and took a pain pill. It seemed to zap the headache pretty much, but am still achy. I'll take another pill in a little while, and that should take care of it. I think I just got over tired yesterday. Short day at work today, so I'll rest this afternoon.

BS has been OK, I thought I bottomed out during class last night but I didn't test it. I just ate a piece of candy. When I got home, it was 72 so I ate some cheese and that made me feel better.

UC has been OK to - nothing unusual there.



I am a bit achier today. Could be from the colder night weather, or this is the 3rd week of the Remacade cycle and I seem to start hurting more then. I slept pretty good last night. I still feel like I could have stayed in bed another 10 hours ;) but I dragged my butt out of bed.

UC is OK, and BS has been too.


Does a Body Good

Rest really does do a body good. The last two days resting have really helped me feel better. I still have the usual aches and pains, but they're tolerable and I feel better all around. UC is OK, BS is OK. :-) I sure wish I could do that every weekend but that's not going to happen...


Tired and Lazy

Feeling very tired today, physically. I had a lot of strange dreams and I woke up feeling like I'd ran a marathon. Today will be another lazy day. My body seems to be loving all this rest.

UC is OK, RA isn't too bad, and BS was OK yesterday as well. Nothing much to report.



That slight headache yesterday turned bad. It continually got worse throughout the morning, so I took a pain pill about 9:30, and then napped from about 11:30 to 1:30. My head was pounding by the time I woke up - even dreamt about the pain. Crazy thing. I took a shower and took another pain pill. It finally started easing around 5pm while I was in class. It was pretty much gone by the time I got home, but I took another pill anyway and went to bed. I didn't want that nasty thing coming back. It is still gone - for the most part. I still can feel a little pain but not bad.

RA aches are about the same as yesterday, but manageable. I also took that first pain pill yesterday for RA pain as well as the headache. My body didn't like me cleaning, I guess! I was fine after that though.

UC has been OK too :-) YAY! BS didn't drop at all yesterday either and was 106 this morning.



I'm pretty stuffy this morning, and have a bit of a cough. I hope it is just allergies. I don't feel the usual aches that comes with a cold so it probably is. I just took my Allegra D so that should help. I have a bit of a sinus headache too.

On the RA front, not a lot of pain and achiness, but more than the past couple of days. I'll take it easy today, after I get my cleaning done.

UC settled down yesterday and is behaving again. BS dropped to 70 yesterday right before dinner but was fine before that. Not too bad.


No Complaints

I'm not feeling too bad today - nothing to complain about. My UC is being a bit of a pain, but that's about it. Not very achy at all this morning. I slept really good, with even an extra hour sleep. BS was OK yesterday. I thought it had dropped, but the test read 105. Perfect. This is just so nuts.

Dental appt has been pushed back to Nov 5 which sucks, because I wanted to get it done and over with! Especially if I need to be referred out to the endodontist, time is running out before the end of the year - and I don't have to pay 2 deductibles if I don't have to.



Still doing OK, not too much pain this morning, but was hurting last night. BS has been OK too, but felt a little low before dinner but I spaced testing my sugar. I'm still not used to this. I just hurried and got me something to eat and didn't even think about testing it. (duh!)

UC was a little worse yesterday, I wonder if it was the couple of pieces of roast beef I ate Sunday for dinner. That's close to steaks, and I can't tolerate those at all. I do OK with the thin slices (like from A*by's) but apparently not pot roast.


Not Bad

Not feeling too achy this morning. I had a hard time getting to sleep last night, but slept well once I got to sleep. Only about 5.5 hrs though - not enough. I'll try to have an early night tonight to make up for some of it.

BS was OK yesterday, and I forgot to take it just now - and I've already eaten part of my breakfast. Whoops. I felt OK though, not shaky at all.



I'm pretty achy this morning, much of what was left over from yesterday as I went shopping and over did things. I rested all afternoon and evening and it did help some. It could be the change in weather as well, as it is getting colder at night. The shower helped some this morning, but I still took a pain pill. I will rest as much as I can today - and no shopping I swear.

UC has been OK, as well as my BS. I thought I'd dropped yesterday but it was at 90. I must have been shaky from over doing the shopping. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.



Feeling so-so today, not really bad and not really good. Haven't needed a pain pill yet, the shower helped the aches and pains. UC isn't bad - I ate a banana (fresh fruit = no no) for dinner last night but it didn't (or hasn't!) bother me. Despite only having a banana for dinner (and no snacks last night), my BS was 106 this morning. Perfect.



I'm very sleepy this morning, I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, due to my mind racing. I took a Xanax, and next thing I knew it was time to get up. I only got about 6 hrs of sleep in all. I'll take a nap this afternoon, if I can.

I'm pretty achy this morning, probably from being over tired yesterday and not getting the sleep I needed. Not bad enough for a pain pill though - yet. I'll see how I feel after I get done cleaning.

UC was a bit of a bother last night but it settled down quickly, wasn't an all night thing like it used to be.

BS dropped (58) low last night, after dinner. Weird. I drank some juice and felt better again. It was 100 this morning.