Karens Health Log

Log of my health issues



Got the creeping crud. Had a really hard time sleeping last night, only got about 4 hrs and then woke up with a sore throat, slight fever, slight cough, and a little stuffy nose, so will be staying home. I hate to push myself with this because of being on the Remacade and this stuff can turn nasty really quick if I don't. It may be out of my control but I will do what I can to make sure it doesn't turn into infection.

Still really achy too, my hips, knees, and feet are the worst.

UC is OK, and so has BS. I got really shaky before dinner yesterday but tested my sugar and it was 89. Which is fine, but must have been on the way down. I stopped shaking after eating something.



I'm hurting today! Moreso than yesterday, probably from all the moving of movies and cabinets, and assembling the DVD cabinet. I was exhausted last night, and I'm really paying for it today. I'll live though. I'll take things easy today.

UC is doing some better, and BS has been fine.



VERY stiff and sore this morning, but at least my headache is gone! I've taken a pain pill to help, and the shower did help a little too.

UC is a little better this morning, and BS has been pretty level as well.



I don't know what it is lately about Fridays and headaches lately! I think this is the 4th Friday in a row that I've woken up with a headache. This is definitely sinus tension. Even hurts to move my eyes too far to the right or left, or to blink hard. Very weird.

I'm pretty achy, hips, knees, feet, fingers and my left elbow. I'll be taking pain pill!

UC is still on the rampage. Crap.

BS has been OK.


Not Bad

Not feeling too bad today, despite the yucky weather out. Just the usual aches and pains. I'm very tired though, as I didn't get a lot of sleep. Hopefully I can take a nap later.

My tummy rumbled all night again. Still that damn grape juice. Had a bad episode this morning, but it seems to have settled down again. I hope it is done now.


Rumble Grumble

That is what my tummy is doing this morning... I hope I'm not in for a bad day! Damn concord grape juice!! I'm sure that is what it is. I drank a glass last night for dinner. No more for me...

Otherwise not feeling too bad. Achy but just the usual. Tired, but I did get more than 5 hrs sleep last night so that felt great! :-D



I'm feeling a lot better this morning. Left shoulder is done flaring (whew!) and my sore throat has gone. Good signs. My right shoulder is quite achy but that could be from me favoring the left one for the past 2 days. It isn't flaring though - at least I hope not. Normal aches and pains other than that. I'm pretty tired, but should get some rest tonight.

On the UC front... note to self: don't drink 2 glasses of grape juice in the same day.


Under Attack

I've now got a sore throat. This isn't a sick sore throat but a sore throat that comes around when my immune system is attacking me. Usually it comes before the flares, but this one came last night, after the flaring of my shoulder was starting to calm down. Just never know what's going to happen. I just basically feel like sh*t right now, but that's life. My shoulder is feeling a lot better today. Feeling achy all over though, so I may take a pain pill if I don't feel better in the next little while.

UC isn't liking me either right now. BS was low this morning, but only 62.



My left shoulder feels like it is flaring... I haven't had a major flare for over 6 months so I hope this isn't one and that it doesn't get worse. I felt it stiffen up and hurt a little last night, but it is worse this morning. I can still move it, so it isn't a full flare yet. I'll put the heating pad on it - or ice if that doesn't help. Hard to say which one will help in a flare. But generally in the winter it is the heating pad that helps more than the ice, and opposite in the warmer months. Other than that, a little more achy than usual.

UC is a bit of a pain this morning, but not bad. BS was fine yesterday and no more dizzy spells.



I had a bad dizzy spell yesterday. I think it was doing too much cleaning in too short of period. I was a little light headed but kept going and by the time I was done vacuuming, I was seeing a little black. I rested though, and felt better. I also figured out the weird headache. There is an inversion here, and lots of fog. It isn't as bad this morning but is still there.

Pain isn't too bad this morning, the shower really helped me feel a lot better than I did when I first got up. I'm still really tired, but nothing new there.

UC has been fine, and I forgot to test my sugar yesterday... oops. Could have been part of the whole dizzy thing... who knows. It felt more like the anemic dizzy spells though.



I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning... got a headache, mostly sinuses I think! About the same aches/pains-wise.

UC acted up yesterday but settled down after a couple of hours. BS was OK, despite me forgetting to eat my mid-afternoon meal.


More Sleep

I need more sleep... didn't happen last night. I'm pretty tired but still feeling OK, not too achy. I did end up having to take pain pill mid-morning yesterday and again before I went to bed. My feet don't hurt as bad either as they did the past couple of weeks. Knees are about the same. Hip isn't bothering me at all. Fingers a little stiff from time to time, but not bad. Knuckles and joints are tender.

UC is OK, and so is my BS.


Not bad...

Feeling pretty good this morning, not much pain at all. YAY! Still tired, but not more than normal.

UC is fine, and BS was a little off yesterday due to not being able to eat my lunch at the usual time due to a last minute meeting, that took 1 hr longer than it should have.


Good Mood

I'm in a good mood, despite hurting some. I really don't care right now ;-) Just the usual aches really but I'm not bothered.

UC is OK so far, and BS is too... nothing much to report today!


Not Bad

I'm not feeling too achy today - YAY! All the rest yesterday must have helped. I went out for a couple hours to see Dad in the hospital, but that's about all I did besides watching TV and playing on the internet. :-) I also slept really deep... had some weird dreams again but they didn't wake me up fully.

UC is a bit of a pain still but under control. BS has been fine.


Did Anyone See That Truck?!

I'm feeling like I've been hit this morning. Achy all over and exhausted. I didn't sleep well at all, and what I did sleep was having some really wild dreams. Both stress and worry about my Dad being in the hospital and other things ;-) Very strange. I'll take a pain pill, after my morning meds settle and then curl up in a blanket and relax until I find out what is happening with Dad.

UC is a bit of a bugger - probably from the stress. BS has been OK though. Had a slice of pizza last night, and that stays with me for a while.



Feeling sluggish today, pretty achy and not wanting to move but I'm moving anyway to loosen up. Shower helped some but not as much as it usually does. I slept really good but feel like I could have slept another 3 hours.

UC is OK, and BS was OK yesterday too.


Like a Rock

I slept like a rock last night. I don't even think I moved... and judging from how stiff and sore I am this morning I probably didn't! It is getting better though, as I'm moving around. I'm not feeling quite as flu-ish either.

UC isn't too bad. My BS did drop yesterday, when I was in a meeting and couldn't eat my lunch on schedule. It hit me so fast, I didn't even have time to go to my desk and check my sugar, as I felt like I was about to pass out. I just headed for the fridge at work and drank some fruit juice. That brought me out of it, and by the time I ate my lunch it was 72.


Usual Stuff

Having the usual flu-ish symptoms from the Remacade, but nothing to stay home over. Still hurting some, but hanging in there. Problem with the insurance, but I'll get it straightenend out. Grrr. I've written about it on my main blog.

UC has been pretty good the last couple of days, and BS has been too.



I'm feeling pretty sore today. Besides the usual pain I've been feeling lately, I have other pain from some vacuuming I had to do last night, as we had water come through a crack in the foundation. So I'm feeling it!

Remacade today! YAY!


Gastro Appt

The biopsies were fine from the colonoscopy - the pics showed the inflammation still, and of course he removed the scar tissues from the ulcerated sores. But we're on the right track as far as treatment. Things looked much better than last year. So, I'm on the same treatments.

Cute PA flirted and embarrassed me. LOL! Then the potty talk had to ruin the mood.

I'll need to go back in Nov unless needed before - and he'll follow up on things, and then schedule my next colonoscopy. Such a wonderful yearly tradition - but better safe than sorry.


I'm very achy this morning... didn't get much sleep after a long day. It is still raining like crazy too - mixed with a little sleet and snow.

I'll be seeing the gastro doc today, for the results of my biopsies and following up. I'm not worried though, I'm sure all is fine. He didn't see anything suspicious and if there were problems they would have called me when they received the results.


So So

Feeling so-so this morning. It is raining heavily so between that, and being due for Remacade I'm quite achy. Not quite bad enough yet for a pain pill though. I'll see how I get along.

UC is fine so far, and BS was a little low this morning but not bad.



Despite getting some rest yesterday, I woke up pretty stiff and sore today. Well, not really rest - I studied most of the day! Could be the storms again, who knows. I'm counting the days until Wednesday and the Remacade treatment. I'm also hoping he'll increase the dosage this time, to help with the pain I've been having - but NO to the prednisone increase. I hate that nasty stuff - even though it helps with the pain, the side effects are awful.

UC has been OK, and BS has been too.


Some Better

Feeling better than I was yesterday. Feet and knees aren't hurting quite as bad. Still achy all over but that's pretty much normal. I slept well, but had some wild dreams... good wild. ;-)

UC is so-so this morning, having some cramping but not major.



My feet are cracking again, and pretty painful this morning. Pretty achy all over still actually. I'll be taking a pain pill so I can move around and get my cleaning done.

UC is doing OK, and my BS has been OK still. Eating the 5-6 small meals is helping keep things level. Still a hard adjustment, remembering to eat the 2nd half of my meal but I'm getting better at it. I feel like I'm eating all day long though. Not used to that.



I'm staying home today from work. Feeling crappy. Headache, achy/pain, tired, blah. But in a good mood... just not in the mood to push myself into going to work. Not much happening, and I would only have to work 1/2 a day before my 40 hrs are in anyway. I'll just take some leave, and relax before the stress of school starts. Need to gear up for that.

UC is a little rotten to this morning. So another reason to stay home! :-D


Better Day

Feeling much better today, at least better than yesterday. Still having more pain and my feet aren't crackling as I walk, so that's a good thing! Ankles are a bit swollen the past couple of days. Maybe it has to do with that pain I had Monday night. I'll keep an eye on them.

UC is behaving, and BS is OK.



OK, legs and hips aren't hurting like they did last night, but feel so weak. My feet are killing me, as well as my knees. Hips some too - but definitely RA pain today. Storms are moving in/out - as well as it is the 3 week mark for the Remacade cycle and I do usually start hurting more then.

Mom gave me an article to read about Autoimmune diseases, it was in Family Circle I think. Quite an interesting article. It meantioned something called Sticky Blood disease. I had a lot of the symptoms and that could be what caused my major blood clot 1.5 yrs ago. In the thigh, back of the knee, and calf. I'll have to mention it to Dr B next week and see if that could have been the cause... because the clot came out of nowhere. Maybe we'll never know what caused it. They put me on thinners before they even did the Factor 5 test. This was before I was under the care of my wonderful internist. Anyway, it was a very interesting article.

UC is OK today, and settled down yesterday and wasn't a problem. BS has been OK too.



I don't know what the hell is wrong with my legs and hips today but since around 1pm they've started hurting - not RA hurting but burning and restless type hurt. I can't even really explain it! Driving me nuts. I've taken a pain pill and it is helping some but not all the way. I probably need to go to bed and lay down.

Ho Hum

Not much different than usual. Normal aches and pains. UC is being a little bugger this morning, but hopefully will settle down. My neck is still a bit tight when I turn to the right but is still improving. I'll take another muscle relaxant to help it loosen up.



Pretty achy this morning. I slept weird on my left wrist so it is really bothering me. Had a hard time getting out of bed, but I feel better after my shower. I'll live...

UC settled down finally last night, but wasn't awful all day. BS was fine yesterday too.



You just gotta be bad. I ate too much last night, and am pretty miserable this morning! I also ate a salad... see... I never learn. I only had a few bites but that's all it takes. I'll live... It was almost worth it.

I'm pretty stiff and sore this morning too, mostly my feet, knees and hips. Neck is still a little sore too but not too bad.