Karens Health Log

Log of my health issues


Not Bad

Not hurting too bad these past couple of days, despite the cold and storms. My right knee has really hurt the worst, but just irritating, not bad enough for a pain pill. Am in good spirits and just doing OK. UC has been OK too.


Not Bad for a Monday

Wasn't feeling too much pain this morning, but then again I woke up around 11pm last night and took a pain pill because the pain was waking me up when I moved. I haven't had to take another one yet, and it is almost 12 hrs later. YAY!

UC was a bit strange this morning, and yesterday, cramping but none of what I'd think would come with the cramps.



Moving pretty slow this morning, even after my hot shower. I didn't move around much last night in my sleep and then there are still storms around so that's probably why. I won't be doing much today, other than studying and resting. I do need to do some cooking too, but that won't be too bad.

UC is being a pain.



Very tired from the long day yesterday and not a lot of sleep. I'll catch up on the sleep this weekend though, for sure! I've got a lot to do, and am not feeling too achy/sore this morning so I shouldn't need a pain pill. YAY!

UC is a bit of a bother this morning, but seems to me calming down.



I've been in a really bad funk the last few days. Not sure what is causing it, but I'm stressing myself out trying to figure it out. OCD is going nuts, and I'm fed up.

RA pain hasn't been too awful, just the usual at least usual for storminess. Lots of rain lately. UC has been OK, and so has my blood sugar.


Rainy Day

Feeling the rain this morning. The shower helped but I wish I could have stayed in there all day! The hot water felt so good. I've taken a pain pill to take the edge off, and hopefully that will be all I'll have to take.

UC has been fine, and so has my blood sugar.



I'm not doing too bad this morning, really tired from a restless night's sleep. Mind wouldn't shut up and I was feeling down. Pain isn't too bad this morning, just the usual aches and pains. The shower helped a lot.

UC is OK, and blood sugar is fine too.


Lots Better

That bugger of a headache is gone! I slept really deeply and feel a lot better today. Not much pain from the RA either. YAY! Nothing much to report. Hopefully it will be a good day!


Diabetic Doc Appt

I had my 3 month follow up with Dr H today. My A1C was 4.8! YAY! It has come up some, and she was pleased about that. She'd like it right around 5, so this is good. Eating the smaller, more frequent meals is doing the trick. She still thinks I'm heading for diabetes, but hopefully before we get to that point, there are meds that can make my body more sensitive to the insulin and would put the diabetes off even longer. So, I'll keep doing what I'm doing and if I feel like my sugar levels are dropping too low again, and bouncing around then we need to re-evaluate things. I'm already on so much medication, she doesn't want to add more if it isn't necessary - and I agree! I'll go back as I feel I need to, but at least 1/year.

Other than that - I've had a horrible day. I had the headache from hell! Totally kicked my ass. It has taken 3 darvocets in 4 hrs to even make it a dull roar. I spent about 5 hours in bed, and will be heading back soon. RA hasn't been bad today, but then I'm on pain pills! LOL! UC has been bothersome too, so I'm glad I was home.



I'm really tired, haven't slept much the past couple of days. The pain has lessened though, and no signs of flares. Whew.

BS was a little low this morning, since I only had yogurt for dinner last night, just wasn't very hungry.

UC has been a pain this morning but seems to be calming down.



After a day of a lot of rest, ice on my foot, and 4 pain pills there's a big improvement. My foot stopped flaring and I don't hurt quite as bad as I did. YAY!

UC is being a little irritating this morning, but seems to be calming down.

Blood sugar feels fine and was OK all day yesterday.



Much the same today, foot is a little better but not much - at least it didn't get worse. The ice helped a lot. Going to take things really easy today and get as much rest as I can. Everything else is doing OK, just the RA giving me fits.


Damnit to Hell!

My left foot - that was bothering me earlier this morning is flaring. 2nd toe, joint on top of my foot. GAH! I've been icing it every 20 mins for the last 2.5 hrs and not noticing much of a change. Hoping to at least stop it from flaring fully. I can't even bend my toes, and the top of my foot is swollen and red (feels like it is on fire).

Don't Walk

I'm not doing all that well this morning, moving around and walking. My feet are really hurting, as well as my knees. Could be from all the walking I did yesterday, hard to say. I'll take things easy today, since I have to study anyway.

UC is still doing better, still having some cramping but it isn't bringing the results it usually does!

Blood sugar dropped again yesterday while running errands, but not too low. 72 if I remember right.


Not Bad

Not feeling too awful the last couple of days. Have only had to take 1 pain pill a day instead of the 2-3 I was taking before. Still really tired and flu-ish, but that's normal, especially after a treatment. UC is doing OK, but has been a bit rumbly. Not sure if it is acting up or if it is a side effect of the Imuran. Blood sugar dropped a little yesterday but was fine after I ate something.


RA Appt

I had my Remacade treatment to day, and discussed some options with Dr B. Remacade is pretty much the only aggressive therapy for both RA and UC. So, I don't have many options, if any. We don't want to stop the Remacade, but both agreed that although I'm doing so much better than I was (night and day in comparison), we don't want me to slide back. He'll keep me on the prednisone, and Remacade but thinks I need a disease modifying medication (which helps control antibodies). Limited choices. Methotrexate is definitely out (suppressed bone marrow and cause severe anemia and hair loss). Arava is out (allergic), so he wants to try Imuran (Azathioprine - say that 10 times.). I'll take it 2/day starting out with a low dose and see how I respond. What the hell... one more pill. At least it is an inexpensive pill!

There won't be any immediate help, takes usually 6-8 weeks to see a difference. Downside, is the side effects. This med can cause the same problems as Metho with the liver and the bone marrow suppression (among many others!). But, I'll be having blood tests every 4 weeks to monitor them. If they get into dangerous levels, I'll stop taking it.

I'm not totally comfy, but I was on the methotrexate for 3 years before I started having problems with it, and my liver function was never bad. I don't have much of a choice, other than increasing pain and going backwards and that isn't an option in my mind. I went through utter and complete hell and don't want to go through it again. The daily/constant shit is bad enough. I won't let this beat me.

Remacade Day

It's finally here! Pretty sad when you look forward to a medical treatment, isn't it?! I will also get a chance to talk to Dr B about what he's going to do with me sliding back.

I kept waking up last night, every time I moved. Irritating. Despite the pain pill I took before bed.

UC has been pretty good the last couple of days, and BS has been OK.



I've neglected this blog for a few days! Nothing has changed really so I haven't wanted to post the same things, day after day. Things are worse today though, but through my own doing - and it is getting closer to my Remacade treatment (Wednesday).

I over did things yesterday by shampooing carpets, as well as cleaning my car inside and out. It was really the shampooing carpets that did it, but they needed to be done. There are times when I have to over do things physically to get my mind to shut up. Spring Cleaning Fever - and where the OCD sets in, I need to do things or I'll go nuts.

I will relax today and keep taking the pain pills as I need them. The one I took 1 hr ago is helping.

UC has been so-so, and blood sugar has dropped a few times, because I forgot to eat my afternoon snack. I get busy and forget!


Who Knows

I thought I was feeling a little better, but as the day wore on yesterday the achier I got. Pain pills helped though. This morning I'm so tired and sorta feel like I've been hit by a truck. I'm getting really tired of being tired. I should get some extra rest today, that is after I take a test for school. Ugh. Trying not to stress, but that's probably why I'm so tired, as well as a long day yesterday.

Nothing else to report, UC and BS are OK.