Karens Health Log

Log of my health issues


Stiff and Sore

I have some aches and pains all over today. I had a pretty good day yesterday so not sure why its come back. I didn't sleep well and tossed and turned a lot. Maybe that's why. Hard to say. Hopefully it will get better as the day goes on.

UC has been fine, and so has blood sugar.



Feeling a lot better. 2 days of rest is just what I needed. Hips are still hurting some but not nearly as bad. Didn't sleep well last night but am in good spirits.

UC isn't liking me too much today, but is starting to pass. Blood sugar has been fine.



Feeling ever so shitty today. In a lot of pain all over, but mostly in my hips. I do believe its from all the crawling around I did yesterday in assembling my DVD cabinet and from the spring cleaning. I will live though, and am in good spirits. Pain pills and muscle relaxants are helping both LOL.

UC has been fine.

Blood sugar was lost yesterday, went down to 45. Took about 4 hours before I reall felt half way normal again. It was 90 before dinner, and has been fine today. I forgot to eat my yogurt yesterday, and with all the cleaning, etc., it went too low.



I was really in a lot of pain last night, I think from the storms moving in and out, and the pressure changing. I had to take 2 pain pills when I got home and that just took the edge off. I was able to sleep though. I'm feeling better than I was last night, but still am hurting. Part of life though.

UC is fine, and so is my blood sugar.


All My Fault

Its really all my fault that I was hurting so bad Friday, Saturday and yesterday. I over did things with the spring cleaning but at least the major parts are done, and I just have smaller tasks next. It did feel really good to get it all done though.

UC has been fine, and blood sugar felt like it dropped low again but was only in the low 80's. So it may have been on its way down.



That's a nice word to describe how I'm feeling. Achy and painful all over, feel like I want to just go home and crawl in bed - which I may do soon. I'm trying to stick it out at work for another hour or so. I think feeling this rotten is from cleaning out a lot of snow out of my trunk yesterday, followed by some shop vac work of sucking up water from the carpet. Plus the weather of course. I'll be OK though, once I get some rest. Pain pill is working pretty good.

UC and blood sugar has been fine. I get shaky from time to time but my sugar is fine. So figure that out.



I'm pretty achy and sore this morning. Could be from the temp dropping and the huge storm that is here. Of course I always feel a little rough for the first few days after the Remacade too so it could be that too.

UC is doing fine too, which is so great. Hooray!

Allergies are so bad though. Can't wait for the Zyrtec-D to arrive from the 90 day pharmacy. They Zyrtec is doing OK, but I need the decongestant to really feel better.


Remacade Day!

I had my Remacade treatment today, and everything is good. My red blood cell count dropped 2 points, but it is normal to have some fluxuation so they're not worrying about it now. But if today's counts are down, more then they'll call me and I'll stop the Imuran. They gave me Zyrtec-D this time because of my allergies and congestion. I don't know why they didn't give me the "D" last time! GAH! Frustrating.

UC is still doing better so he was pleased with that. Just will keep doing what I'm doing. :-)


Bad Me

I've really been bad about keeping track of things on here. I guess much has been the same and no changes. Had some bad pain days but others have just been normal. I didn't have my Remacade treatment yesterday and am feeling it. I hope they can reschedule me soon because I don't think I can go much longer without having problems.

UC has been pretty good, but I'm starting to get weird cramps again so I hope it is just needing the Remacade and not a flare starting again.