Karens Health Log

Log of my health issues


Much the Same

Nothing really to report - the RA pain has been about the same. Seems to be getting worse in the evenings, could be from doing a lot during the day, and just being tired at night. I haven't had to take a pain pill since Sunday night.

I got that weird pain in my side/right ribs again. Was bad yesterday but is getting better.

The lower abdoman pain is pretty much gone. :)


Moan and Groan

I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning, so painful. I got right in the shower and that helped a lot! I'm holding off on a pain pill though (which is OK, I'm not moving around too much yet) until I can finish my studies. Hopefully by then I won't need one. But if I do, I'll take one.

Feeling OK otherwise, my blood sugar was good all day yesterday, but low again this morning at 42. I'll definitely have Dr B2 do a glucose scan, that is how they can tell what the sugar level has been for the 90 days.

UC hasn't been too bad the past couple of days, and the pain around my bladder has almost gone. No clue what that was.


Good News

I got a call from Dr B's nurse Cheryl yesterday. All my labs came back good! Even the hemogloban (sp?) and thyroid tests. Hmmmm... so I don't know what is going on. My Mom asked if they did a glucose scan but I don't know if that is the same as the hemo or not. I'll just wait and see when I talke to Dr B2 on Sept 8. I'm glad my thyroid came back good, as I do have auto-immune thyroid disease, so things aren't very active there. My immune system must be too busy attacking everywhere else. ;)

I'm hurting some this morning but am going to hold off on a pain pill since I need to study and read. I'll take one later if I need to - and take a nap.

Still having pain in my lower abdoman, but it isn't any worse. If it isn't better by Monday, I'll call Dr B2. Maybe it is a bladder infection after all. I'll take the cranberry capsules again and see if they help.


Stiff and Sore

A little more stiff and sore this morning, may be because the temp dropped a bit last night. It felt good, I like the cooler temps. I woke up shivering and needing an extra blanket, that is probably why I am so stiff. It is getting better as I move around, and the furnace is on.

Having a little pain/cramps in the muscles in my lower abdoman, the numbness from the surgery is still slowly going away and I can feel more. I haven't over done things or lifted anything heavy. Could my my UC acting up a bit too. Hard to tell!


Remacade Appt

My appt went OK yesterday. I told him about my blood sugar dropping, the pain in my right ribs that I've been getting, and all my aches and pains. My feet are some worse, as well as my right knee and left hip than last time. Hands are better though. He checked my abdoman and it is tender by my right rib but he can't feel anything strange. He dictated some notes on his tape recorder and will send them to Dr B2 (my internist). He wants me to see Dr B2 for the sugar levels and it is time for a check up anyway. I haven't seen him in a few months. I've scheduled an appt to see him on Sept 8. The nurse drew blood for the usual CBC, Liver, etc., and also will test my thyroid, and hemogloban (sp?) and send all the results to Dr B2. So, we'll see. The nurse will call me in the next couple of days if anything is wrong.

Dr B isn't increasing things yet, he seemed a little perplexed. He said to give things another month, and see how things are.

I'm feeling OK today, nothing "major". Just the usual pain of late. I had 9 hours of sleep last night which was heaven. Headache is almost gone too, the muscle relaxants help more than the pain meds so it must be tension.

Blood sugar this moring was good: 89.


BS Better

My blood sugar was a bit better this morning, but still low. It was 60. Yesterday at lunch it was 90 which is perfect. Can't figure this out. I will mention it to Dr B today and see what he says. It isn't that I'm not eating carbs because I am! I can't eat a lot of meat/protein so my primary source of foods have a lot of carbs. My Dad told me that I need to eat a snack before bed - so I did that last night and still is low this morning.

RA pain is about the same, had a bugger of a time putting my nylons on because of my hip. Lifting my leg up at all, even to put socks on kills me. Right knee is giving me grief again today too - good thing I'm going in for my Remacade and Dr B can check it all out. He'll probably increase the frequency of my treatments, and have an xray taken of my hip, as he said last month since I'm not doing any better.

UC is a bit better this morning than it was yesterday.

Major headache happening, it started yesterday afternoon and was killing me by the time I got home. Had to take 2 pain pills to get to sleep and woke up and it is still here, not quite as bad though. I'm going to try a pain pill and a muscle relaxant to nip it this morning.



I should be headed for a coma about now... no wonder I feel so funky and light headed. My blood sugar was a whopping 30 just now. Shit! I'm drinking soymilk and eating a cereal bar - and yogurt of course to get it back up to where it needs to be. Crazy. Something is definitely going on.

RA pain isn't horrible, just a pain. Feet are hurting the worst out of everything today. Last night I was hurting pretty bad and ended up taking a pain pill, hurt all over.

UC is being a pain... maybe I shouldn't have eaten the taco and tomatoes Sunday :( Sure tasted good though!!


Bit Low

My fasting blood sugar was 85 this morning, a bit low but OK. I took it last night before dinner, and it was 105 which is good. I'm glad it isn't high like my Mom suspected. But, I'll keep monitoring it throughout the week and see how it is.

RA pain is a pain again, but dealing with it. Slept pretty good last night, once I got to sleep. Had a hard time getting to sleep. The shower this morning made me feel a lot better. Storms are moving in and out, and has been raining but I don't feel any worse than I did last week when it was clear.



My Mom was thinking back at how often my blood sugar seemed to drop low - just like hers had done... and now recently being diagnosed with Type II, she's worried about me. So I'm going to check my blood sugar every morning before I eat for a week and see where it is. I took it before lunch today, and it was down to 44! Holy shit. That's really low. I still feel a bit light headed so I may need to eat something else to bring it up more. Very strange that it would drop that low from not eating for 5 hours. The determining reading is really the first morning reading. I'll start in the morning.

My RA pain is about the same again... but I did sleep better, not being woke up everytime I moved. I'm doing OK though, haven't taken a pain pill today. Just resting and taking things easy.


On the Run

I think I've got the bladder infection on the run, but I'll keep taking the cranberry capsules for a couple more days. Just to be sure.

RA pain is still about the same, kept waking up last night everytime I moved. My right knee is feeling some better this morning, but still swollen.

UC is being a bit of a bother still, but nothing major.



RA pain is about the same, but managing OK. UC hasn't been too good the past couple of days, not sure why - could be stress related again.

My right knee seems to be getting worse, and I can see the inflammation on the outside of my knee, yet doesn't feel like a flare. Still hurts but not to the point that I can't use it.

Still taking cranberry pills for my bladder, it isn't worse, but maybe just a bit better. I didn't drink as much water yesterday as I usually do. Shame on me. I'll try to do better today.



Feeling about the same, pain-wise from the RA. The pain in my ribs hasn't come back. Feel like I'm starting to get a bladder infection. Have started taking the cranberry capsules to nip it. Will drink even more water - if that is possible. If you need me, I'll probably be in the potty.


Staying Home

My attitude sucks today, just feeling burned out emotionally (fed up really) and my RA is being a big pain. I hurt everywhere. So, I'm not up to pushing myself to work today. All my extremities are killing me, even hurts to type right now. My feet, hip and right knee is the worst though.

That pain in my ribs has finally gone away - but followed by hiccups most of the evening. Lovely. I don't know if there was a coincidence or not but I haven't had hiccups like that in a long time.

UC is doing OK, no complaints there.



I slept like the dead last night, it felt so great. I just got up once, and then went right back to sleep. Not too much pain this morning either... mostly in my feet, hip and right knee. STILL have that pain in my ribs. I sneezed yesterday and the inhaling about killed me, brought tears to my eyes. It is getting better though, as the days go on. I wish I knew what it was.


Not Bad

RA pain isn't too bad this morning and the pain in my ribs is still there, not quite as sharp of pains though.

Cough is pretty much gone totally. :-)


Nipped It.

Yesterday I started coughing, and having a tightness in my chest. I immediately set up the humidifier and went to bed. It really helped - woke up this morning with the tightness gone and not coughing much. I think I nipped it!

Really hurting this morning from RA. Also, have that weird pain in my right ribs again. Hurts worse when I take a deep breath, or empty my lungs. It usually lasts 24-36 hours then goes away for a few days. I'll mention it to Dr B on the 25th.

UC is some better... YAY!



Achy and sore, but not major. Just enough to be a pain - in my butt and everywhere. Mostly in my extremities, knees and left hip.

UC has been a pain too still, I hope I'm not headed for another flare. UGH.

8 weeks ago yesterday was my surgery and things are feeling good, still tender to sneeze and cough (pains in my abdoman) but they said it would take a while for that to go away. Incision looks great and all the tape is off. Hurray!



Much the same, even emotionally. Still trying to deal with stress and taking the much needed Xanax. RA and pain isn't worse than it was, so that is good. UC is a little bit of a pain so I'm sure it is the stress causing that. Trying to stay calm, yet let my emotions out... figure that one out.


Seeing Red

I had a very emotional and angry day yesterday. I'm trying to let it all out and not keep it inside so I don't get so stressed I cause an RA flare. I know being this angry isn't good for me, but I need to let it out. Grrr. I am feeling some better today, like I can concentrate on the good things and just let the other stuff go. I took two Xanax last night too, to help me deal with it all... let's say I slept really well!

I'm not too achy this morning and I'm not too fatigued, which is good considering what a bad day I had yesterday. Today WILL be a better day.


Hemo Appt

Dr H was pleased with my blood counts. I'm still on the "low side of normal". My iron level has increased about 50% on its own, since December. It is still a bit low but in the normal range (YAY). So, no iron IV was needed. He'd like to put me on supplements but that's out because of the UC. Iron supplements are too hard on my tummy.

I was really happy that things have improved! I won't need to see him again for 6 months. Dr H is glad that Dr B keeps such close tabs on my counts and he was glad to hear that I did have the hysterectomy too.

I'm feeling pretty achy and sore right now - slept like a rock and didn't move much. I tried moving more between hitting the snooze alarm, but I kept falling back into a deep sleep. The shower helped though. I may take a pain pill though, still trying to decide whether I can tough it out or not.


Blah Blah

Still feeling achy, I should just start saying SSDD (shame shit, different day). Haven't needed a pain pill this morning though. Pretty tired, didn't sleep a lot last night again. Feet, knees, hands, and hip are the main sources of pain.

My right hand/wrist was really bothering me yesterday, almost thought it was flaring, but it didn't. I wore my wrist brace and it helped while working on the computer. Still sore today so I'll wear it again.

I'm going to see Dr H (hemotologist) this afternoon. For a follow up on the anemia and to check my iron counts, etc. If the iron is still low, I'll be insisting he give me another iron IV. If my body hasn't made the 70% loss in the 7 months, he better do something. I can't take the pills because they're too hard on my stomach and anger the UC.

Not much else to complain about...



Feeling pretty much the same pain wise as yesterday morning. Will try to hold off for the pain pill though, see if I get better as I move around more.

Stye is much better and nose sores are healing still too.

UC is behaving still too, despite the grapes I ate. I know, bad Karen but they tasted so good.



Feeling very achy and sore still. The shower helped, and I'll take a pain pill soon. Slept weird with my left wrist and it is still giving me fits.

Yesterday, while out shopping, my feet killed me, and my left hip - on the outside hurt with every step. I also have a pain under my right ribs that hasn't gone away.

The stye is still there but not as bothersome and painful. Sores in my nose seem to be healing too. Progress :-)


Dreaded Stye

Got a stye in my left eye, in the bottom corner. Hurts like a bugger. I've also had a couple of sores in my nose, I wonder if they're related some how. Hmmm...

Very achy this morning, especially my feet, knees an hands. A pain pill may be in order, I'll hold off and see if it gets better as I move around.



Pretty stiff and sore this morning, but it is getting better as I move around. I am planning on doing some cleaning today and see how I feel when I get it done, to whether I'll vacuum or not. Have really been feeling very emotional the last few days, but today I'm feeling really good. I know a lot of my emotions was brought about by things on my mind but now I'm wondering if the pain I was having on Tuesday - and being so emotional is a sort of PMS - without the M.

Otherwise doing OK... UC is behaving too!


Back to the Old Grind

I made it to work today, not too painful or achy. I slept a lot yesterday and slept good last night, despite weird dreams all night. Feeling a bit low emotionally, nothing major though. I think there's just too much on my mind right now.


Staying Home

Feeling really shitty so I'm not going to work. RA pain is kind of bad (not flares) and pain pill worthy... also so tired I feel like I could sleep another few hours. UC isn't liking me either so I'm staying put. Even though I took things easy at work the past couple of days, it is just taking me a while to get back into the swing of things. So, listening to my body.

Yesterday, I started having a pain in my lower right abdoman and it didn't quit all day long (left work at noon) and laying down didn't even stop it. Not sure what it was - maybe ovulation. They told me I would have pain from that and it was a dull ache followed by sharp pains ever couple of minutes. Who knows. It is gone now, but if it happens today I'll call the doc.



Bit achy, but not bad again. I have to make sure I get up every 30 -60 minutes or I really stiffen up, at work. Not a problem, since I drink a lot of water. ;)

UC has been really good the past couple of days.

Incision and belly are doing pretty good too - my belly was hurting a bit yesterday. It is becoming more and more awake everyday so I think that is all it is. If it gets bad enough for a pain pill then I'll call my doc. Otherwise, they said some pain is normal for a couple of months.


Not too Shabby

Not feeling too bad this morning. Aches/pains not a big problem. Nice warm shower helped. So far, so good at work. I'll try not to over do things. :-)



Still pretty sore and achy from RA, but not bad enough for a pain pill - after taking a shower. I seem to be getting worse at the end of the day/early evening too. I didn't keep waking up last night every time I moved so was happy about that.

UC was a bit of a pain this morning, but has seem to calmed down.

Incision is still doing great, lost another strip of tape and there's about 8 pieces left. Sneezing and coughing hurt my abdomon, but grabbing my tummy helps. I tried vaccuming on Friday and did OK, didn't feel any pulling and wasn't sore afterwards.

Going back to work tomorrow - and will try to work the full 40 hours, but if I can't then I won't! I know the first week will be hard but I'm not going to push myself too hard. I can take a few hours leave if I need to. :)