Karens Health Log

Log of my health issues


Ouch I hurt! Almost all over. Major pains are my shoulders today. Hips have improved. I have a strange pain in both my feet, mostly in my left - almost like muscle cramps. It actually resembles the pain I had when I was in the hospital with the blood clot in my leg. I'm wearing the sexy sox again today so hopefuly it will help. The swelling in my ankles/feet has gone down quite a bit, so I know the sox are doing some good. Trying muscle relaxants again this morning instead of pain pills, especially to see if they help the weird pain in my feet.


The pain pill worked well earlier and I was able to do a lot today. My hips are still bothering me, especially after I've sat for a while. They get better as I move around some. I may have over done it today though, with shopping and doing a lot of walking. I decided to try a muscle relaxant this evening instead of a pain pill to see if it would help ease the pain, so far its helped a little but not much. My thumb has calmed down. My left shoulder is starting to act up, and my throat is starting to feel weird... I hope this doesn't mean another major flare is coming!

OK... shower wasn't much help. I ended up taking a pain pill. I really struggled with putting my sexy sox on this morning, it just kills my hands and wrists. My left foot is really swollen from yesterday - I didn't wear the sox because by wrist was so bad I couldn't put them on. I angered my left thumb by putting the sox on this morning, but at least they're on now!

Feeling pretty sore right now, but no major flares. Still no sore throat! I'm going to try not to take a pain pill this morning, I'm going to take a warm shower first and see how I feel after that.


My wrist is feeling somewhat better tonight, I've been wearing my elastic brace all day and its helped. My right hip started to flare and within 2 hours it was a full blown flare.

Note to self: Nachos not such a good idea for the UC yet, but they tasted so good and I enjoyed every bite. Sometimes you just gotta be bad, and it feels so good.

Yesterday about the time I left for my accounting class (around 11:15), my right wrist started to flare. By the time I was out of class, about 12:30 I was in so much pain (even not moving the wrist) I could hardly wait to take a pain pill. Could hardly move it! By 1:30 I was still in soooo much pain I had to take another pain pill and then I found some ice. I iced it and kept it immoble until about 3:00 and it started feeling better. Most likely the pain pills really kicked in. I managed to stay at work and finish some things up. Around 8pm last night it started killing me again so I had to take two more pain pills and iced it through the night. Such severe pain! Its swollen on both the top and bottom. Its feeling a little better this morning, only had to take one pain pill and am waiting for it to kick in.

Other joints are sore but not too bad.

I was really bad last night and *had* to misbehave. I ate some Nachos Bell Grande. A whole order all to myself. Stomach hasn't rebelled yet, and hoping it won't. The nachos are full of things I shouldn't have, in fact everything I shouldn't have except maybe the beans.


Sore throat not quite as bad but still around. Still same pains as yesterday, but getting better, little by little. Haven't taken a pain pill yet (the nice shower really helped this morning), trying not to if I can stand it.

By the end of the day yesterday both my ankles were really swollen and were still somewhat swollen today, so I'm wearing the socks today. I may have to for the next few days, we'll see. It was one hell of a struggle putting them on this morning with my hands and wrists hurting so bad. Not fun.


Sore throat is still hanging around, right hip/leg, and shoulder are still very painful but improving, right hand is much better, swelling is going down. Left side is starting to hurt though. The flares are just hopping from joint to joint!

My left ankle is swollen today, not from the RA but the circulation/blood clot stuff. I haven't been wearing my socks (the doc said it was OK!) because things have been OK without them. It looks like I will have to wear them on occasion but couldn't today because of my hands and shoulders hurting so bad I can't put the socks on.


I just got a call from the hematologist's office that I was referred to. My appt on Sept 22 has to be pushed back yet another week because the doctor has a "prior commitment." Yes, he DOES have a prior commitment, with ME. grrrr. What the hell... I've already been waiting for weeks to get in, what's another week?! Shit. Delays, delays, delays. Another week to give my red blood cells to drop even further another week of being weak, another week, another week, another week. *rant over*

Enough is enough!!! The pain in my butt that I had earlier (where it centered from my hip flare) has now come around to the front of my leg and it hurts like hell to move my leg at all, bend or just sit here. Its going to be a loooong afternoon and evening. I can't go home because I have class tonight. Sore throat is coming back too... grrrrr.

I called Dr Booth's office and talked to Cheryl. She said Dr Booth would probably increase my Remacade dosage. I told her I'd be OK with that and I am tolerating it well. I told her that I would really not prefer to increase the dosage of the Prednisone back up (we've been decreasing it over the last 2 months). She said that Dr Booth would probably feel the same way since they really want to get me off of it completely or just on 10 mg per day. Prednisone is just too hard on my body.

I didn't think I needed to be seen, since I am doing OK on the pain pills (for the most part) and think I can wait until the 11th when I'm scheduled for my next Remacade treatment. Cheryl will call me back if Dr Booth wants to see me before then.

Within an hour of going to bed last night, my right hip and both shoulders flared. So bizarre. My hand is still swollen but doesn't hurt nearly as bad as it did yesterday. No new flares this morning and my sore throat is starting to go away which is a good sign that the flares will subside.


Right hand flared BIG TIME this afternoon. It hurt before in the middle and more towards the wrist, but it spread to the knuckle area. It started hurting between the first and second fingers then less than an hour later the knuckles were twice the size as they normally are and I can hardly move my fingers. It hurts like hell. Time for more pain pills. I only took 1/2 of one so I could drive home safely, now I'm going to take two more and ice it.

I didn't get in touch with Dr Booth's office either... will tomorrow for sure. Cheryl will be there tomorrow anyway (she doesn't work on Mondays) and she's really the one I need to talk to.

Flares have switched sides, right wrist/hand, shoulder, elbow, hip and my left side is still hurting some, but not as bad. UGH. Sore throat still hanging around so this isn't done with me yet, although it is getting a little better. Feeling pretty weak still, but otherwise OK. Stomach is behaving. I've noticed I'm losing a lot of hair lately, and am wondering if its due to the anemia. ??

I think I will call Dr Booth today.


What a night. My left shoulder decided to flare as well, but after a good nights sleep, the flares have subsided some. I'm still hurting today and still have this stupid sore throat, which usually means the siege is not over, but I'm going to have a chat with it today ;-). This can't keep happening. I also need to talk to my doctor on Sept 11 at my next Remacade appt to see if they want to increase my Remacade dosage. I'm only on 5 ml per 10 KG and they can go all the way up to 10 ml. I may even call his office this week and tell them what's been going on and see if they want to evaluate that before I go in for my next appt or even see me sooner.


Well, I didn't even make it to the middle of the night. Right wrist and left hip flaring. Sheesh! What is up with this?!

Here it comes again. I know it. I can feel it. Another RA flare is coming. Within the last 1.5 hours I've started to get a sore throat. Started as a tingle, and now it hurts to swallow. I'm betting either in the middle of the night or tomorrow morning I'll wake up with some flare. I know, this isn't postive thinking but when a sore throat hits me like this, an RA flare isn't far behind... especially like its been the 3 weeks! ARRRGGHHH I hate this!

Feeling soooo much better today! Still achy but the major pain has gone. Stomach is OK, still settling after being attacked by the stomach flu but is back to making some improvements. I tried an Arby's roast beef sandwich yesterday, and I haven't had any major problems yet. Looks like a good sign. I'm not going to push my luck and have another one right away, but at least I know I may be able to tolerate it occasionally.

I tried the Ambein that Dr. M prescribed for my sleeplessness last night. Not sure how impressed I am with it, it really makes me feel oogy. A little on the nuaseated side, which is one of the side effects, and I'm sure it will get better with time. I didn't fall asleep right away, but felt like I was in a drug-enhanced stooper, sort of like when I take a pain pill and don't go to sleep right away. I slept for 5 straight hours, then woke up to pee, then went back to sleep straight away for another 2 hours. So that was better. I still feel a bit groggy but not too bad, so they shouldn't interfere with me getting up and going to work.


Still feeling some pain in my left ankle, and right foot and shoulders but the rest has pretty much subsided. Stomach still rebelling some but on the mend.


Day from HELL yesterday. Stomach flu, RA flares all over. Couldn't walk, had to crawl. Feet/ankles, shoulders, hands, wrists, hips, elbows. You name it, it hurt.


Yikes, my hip flared bad yesterday afternoon! By the time I got home, I could hardly climb out of my car and the five stairs to get into the house! I immediately took two pain pills and unpatiently waited for them to kick in. I went to bed early but couldn't get comfy so of course I didn't sleep worth crap. The 2 pills barely dulled the pain. I took another pain pill about midnight and was never able to get back to sleep after that. So... maybe about 3 hrs sleep last night. My hip is feeling much better now, I was able to come into work and just took 1/2 a pill so that's improvement. Not really too achy elsewhere.


Right shoulder flared yesterday afternoon, but its not feeling too bad this morning, I guess the ice helped after all. Right hip is feeling like its starting to flare, otherwise achy all over. UGH. Don't have time for this today! I'm not hurting enough for a pain pill so I'll just grin and bear it. ;-)


Not quite so achy today but still have this stubborn sore throat! Stomach is being a little weird the past couple of days, lots of gurgling.


UGH... very achy and sore today. No flare, just feel rotten. It took all the energy I had to shower and get dressed. Putting on the socks really got me. I slept pretty good but feel a big nap coming on for this afternoon. Throat is still sore, but hasn't gotten worse.


Starting to get a sore throat again! I hope this doesn't mean that another RA flare... I will not allow it! Grrr. I can't let it happen, I don't want it to happen.

I tried some of my Mom's homemade banana bread tonight for a treat. I haven't eaten any bananas for ages, (because I can't have fresh fruit/veggies because of my UC) but I thought I'd give the bread a try. It tasted like heaven, so well see how it settles!

I went without my sexy support stockings today to see how bad my foot/ankle would swell, to see if there has been any improvement. I was up quite a bit today, with the cleaning and errands, and it didn't swell too bad! So there IS improvement! I will be back to wearing the socks again tomorrow, so maybe I can skip a day or two a week and taper off wearing them all together. I should probably ask my doc first though, and I've got an appt with him next Friday morning.

Nothing much to report... exhausted, achy and tired but not too bad. I think I have enough energy to finish my cleaning but will take it slow so I don't wear myself out.


I called Dr Hansen's office to see if Dr Booth had called and asked if they could make an excpetion to see me sooner than Sept 22 and the receptionist said that he hadn't. So, I called Dr Booth's office and talked to Cheryl (who is the sweetest lady and is the one who gives me my Remacade treatments). She said that Dr Booth knows I need to be seen as soon as possible, but that I'm not in an "emergency" situation. I'm anemic, yes, but Dr Hansen is also an oncologist (cancer doc) and he knows that cancer patients have priority over anemic patients. Even though I'm so frustrated and so tired of feeling rotten, not having any energy, etc., I should have thought about the other people who's health is so much worse than mine. I immediately felt guilty.

Anyway, I got a little choked up (this all happened between the whole tuition and meeting thing) when talking to Cheryl and she felt so bad, she knows how rotten I've felt. I composed myself and thanked her for calling me back, and then I called Dr Hansen's office back to see what time they could see me on the 22nd. It just happens to be at noon, which is right in the middle of my accounting class, so I'm gonna have to miss class that day! I'm NOT putting this off.

There are other doctors that I *could* see, but I feel like I need to wait for Dr Hansen. My sixth sense is telling me that I need to see him.

Cheryl called me back this afternoon to make sure I was OK, since I was upset this morning. She understands how frustrating it is, to feel so rotten and to be put off. She also asked me how my joints were and I told her about my bad flares over the weekend, and how odd that they came up so suddenly. She made a note in my chart and told me if it did it again to call immediately. I'm also supposed to call if I get more weak, dizzy, having trouble breathing, etc., to call them as well. Like how I felt when they admitted me to the hospital with my blood clot. My red blood cell count was down to 19 then and now its 24 (should be 36 to 48).

I also found out that Dr Hansen is the oncologist that treated my late SIL Lisa. My brother Bob said that he is an EXCELLENT doctor so he'll be worth the wait. Dr Hansen was the one who figured out that Lisa had cancer in her brain fluid (following her breast cancer) which is very rare.

Anyway, I'm feeling much better about things tonight, and I should be OK for 5 more weeks, especially since I've dealt with feeling like shit for months, what's another few weeks?! LOL!!

Still no news from either doctor's office... will call AGAIN today.

Another night where I didn't sleep well. I woke up again at 1:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. I wonder if I'm starting to become an insomniac! If this continues, I'll talk to my general doc next week about maybe getting something to help me sleep through the night. I need my sleep!

I've got a headache and am achy today, but no major pains. Tired, very tired... sleepy as well as very low energy.


I just called to get an appt with the hematologist, Dr Hansen, and they told me that he only sees "one new patient a week" and the soonest they can get me in is Sept 22. That's just too long to wait. The only possible (and still not guaranteed) way to get a sooner appt is to have Dr Booth call Dr Hansen and see if he'll make an exception. So... I just called Dr B's office and they're going to have his nurse call me back.

I almost feel like sitting here and having a good cry... but I'll hold off until I hear back from Dr. B's office on whether he can do anything or not. I just cannot wait another 5-6 weeks to be seen for this anemia, by the time I get in to see him, my levels will be even lower! I'm soooo frustrated right now as it is, so tired of being soooo tired, having no energy, getting winded going up a few stairs (having to grip the side rail all the way up!)

Nothing much to report yet, its 2:45am and I've been awake for over an hour. Can't sleep - mostly due to things that happened at work yesterday I think. My mind just won't shut up about it, and I can't seem to calm down as easily as I usually can. I know its not important and its effecting my health so I need to stop.

Not in too much pain today, but am looking forward to my morning shower! I'll post later after I get an appt with the hematologist, I'm hoping he'll ge me in quickly.


Got a phone call from Dr B's office a little while ago. My hematocrit levels went down again, so he is referring to me a hematologist. The doctor he referred me to is just next to Dr B's office! How convenient is that?! I just looked him up to make sure he's on my insurance's list of providers and he is! Woohoo! So I don't have to pay extra. I'll call first thing in the morning for an appointment.

Hip still hurting quite a bit, but shoulders and wrists/hands are much better. Mr RA is just moving around my body. Sore throat is pretty much gone, so hopefully this will be the end of the flare cycle.

I didn't hear from Dr Booth's office last night, so I'll call first thing this morning and leave a message on their "test results" message line and they should get back to me today. I'm really not surprised that they didn't call me last night since Dr B was out of the office most of last week and probably had a ton of charts to go over and a lot of patients to see yesterday.


SHIT! My left hip is flaring... What is the deal?! Grrrr!

Finally got some decent sleep last night. Quite achy today, pain still in my shoulder (and goes down my arm) and both hands/wrists are bothering me today so both supports are on. Still not quite enough pain to take a pain pill though - I'm holding off as long as I can. I've got a lot of work to do on the computer today so I may have to take half a pain pill later if they keep hurting.

Throat is still sore, but not quite as bad so I won't call the doctor unless it starts getting bad again. I'm sure its just the the sore throats I get with the RA flares and not an infection.


Not in quite so much pain today, last pain pill I took was last night at bed time. Shoulder and wrist are still flared, but getting better. I've developed a sore throat, which often accompanies RA flares but I had my Mom check for white spots just in case. She saw some but I don't seem to have a fever. I'm gargling with salt water, and if I'm not feeling better by tomorrow, I'll call the doctor. I've had white spots with the sore throats before and they haven't been strep. I'm going to rest as much as possible today, I'm really tired from all the activity that has been going on this weekend. Its been good for my spirits though.


My wrist is feeling better this morning but muscles/tendons are still sticking out. My right shoulder is killing me, the pain goes all the way down my arm to my elbow. It kept waking me up last night, when I'd move in my sleep. Pain pills are my friends right now - I hate taking them but I'm not going to suffer. Icing doesn't seem to be helping so I've stopped that, and heat is not an option since its too hot!

Ankles are swollen today, probably because of yesterday, over did things.


I don't know what the hell happened, but mid morning my shoulders started to bother me, especially the right one. I noticed it when I put on my seatbelt in the car. Damnit... then as the day went on, it kept getting worse. Then, my left wrist/hand started to flare. Within two hours the muscle in my wrist (on the inside portion) has bulged out like you wouldn't believe! We were shopping and all of the sudden I started feeling like complete shit and needed to go home. It hurts like hell to squeeze my hand and actually its hurting like hell right now to type! I've got my wrist support on, and just finished icing it for 20 mins and need to wait another 20 before I can ice it more. I haven't hurt this bad in a few months, and it all came on so suddenly. How bizzare! Rest and pain pills for me tonight!


Had my Remacade treatment and all went well. Dr Booth's associate saw me and decided to lower my dose of prednisone from 30 to 20mg per day, which is good. The goal is to get me on 10mg a day and/or off totally. Even though I've been achier than the previous month, my UC hasn't gotten any worse. The Remacade is doing what it is supposed to, and that's a very good thing. I am going back in 5 weeks (they didn't have any openings for 4 weeks that worked with my school schedule) instead of the 6 we were hoping to extend to this time.

They took more blood to check my hematocrit levels and they'll call me Monday evening - or if I don't hear from them then I'm to call on Tuesday to see what they are. Then we'll go from there!

Didn't sleep well again, this time was mostly due to muscle cramps in my feet and legs. Side effect of the lasix I take, despite the potassium I take as well. I had to take a couple of muscle relaxants to get them to subside. I'm pretty achy again today too. I have my Remacade treatment today so hopefully that will help, but I bet I won't be able to extend to 6 weeks for the next one, I'll probably need to go 4 weeks again. In fact I'd probably feel better to do that. They'll take blood for tests as they usually do, and I'll get the results next week, (Mon/Tues evening) so we'll see if my hematocrit levels are still rising or falling.


Nothing much to report today, not too achy just tired. Didn't sleep well past 2am and didn't get the extra sleep I had planned on when I went to bed early last night, but I did get some rest. Wrist is doing a lot better and hardly bothers me at all. I think I'll wear the brace one more day, just for good measure.

Wearing the support socks have really helped keep the swelling down, so everything is good there... although I'm being naughty today and not wearing them. I just couldn't face putting them on... one day won't hurt, right? I'll keep my feet propped up as I normally do. Just one day!


Heard back from Dr B's office. *sigh* Once again I'm at a stand still. Since my hematocrit level came up a little bit, he wants to wait and see if it continues to come up on its own before he does anything.

I've got my Remacade treatment on Thursday, so she'll take more blood and run more tests and see where my levels are. So, it looks like another week before I know more. Frustrating... arrgghhh. Waiting, waiting, waiting... I wish they'd give me more blood though, get the levels up to where they should be and let us see if the levels hold. I'm tired of being so tired!

Feeling pretty good today! Not too many aches, and my wrist is so much better. I'll still wear the brace today, just as a precaution.

Still no call from my doctor, but his nurse Cheryl (the one that administers the Remecade) said she'd call me today if Dr B didn't call me yesterday. So... I'll post as soon as I hear anything. I'm wondering if Dr B is perhaps consulting with another doctor and that could be the delay. Its not like him at all to brush things off.


Still achy today, but not as bad as last night. I didn't need to take any pain meds today. My wrist has decided to flare though, I'll have to take it easy on it this week, and wear my brace while at the computer, etc. I'll also have to lay off the crocheting for the week, or until it gets feeling better.

Nothing much to report... hoping to hear from Dr Booth either today or tomorrow about what they're going to do with my anemia. I hate waiting! I want to know what's going on and start dealing with it.


Ohhh... stiff, sore and so achy today! I'm really tired too, not sure why, I got a lot of rest yesterday. Hmmm... just one of those days I guess. Glad its on a Sunday so I can stay home and rest.


Whew... am I achy and sore today! I'm sure its because of all the lifting, bending, stretching, etc., I did yesterday when cleaning out my fabric closet. I'm not hurting enough to take a pain pill though. I just got out of a nice long, soothing shower and that helped some. The swelling in my leg/ankle/foot has been minimal this week, goes to show me that these sexy support stockings is the key to keeping the swelling down. *sigh* I hope I don't have to wear these for much longer, they're a pain. But if they keep my circulation and the swelling down, they're worth it.


Doing pretty good so far today... no major compliants. I have some energy, enough to finish my cleaning I think and clean out a fabric closet.