Karens Health Log

Log of my health issues


I'm Going to Live

I have returned from the doctor. As I suspected, I was starting bronchitus so he gave me an inhaler for that. I also have a sinus infection so he gave me nasal spray and an antibiotic for that. He said to use the humidifier at night, and if the cough gets worse then to take some cough medicine (a specific kind that I can take, over the counter) and if even worse then to call. If my fever gets to 101, then call. I was at 99.0 so the tylenol is fine.

Despite the increase in my blood thinner, my levels were the same as 4 weeks ago. He told me to increase it more and come back next Friday to have it checked again. He thinks with all the meds I'm on, and all my body goes through that it is messing with the thinners.

He told me that I'm looking wonderful, especially with all I'm going through. We talked about mysugar levels, RA, UC, and the cysts that he'll get with my gyno next week after I see her. That's about it for now. I'll get some rest and some relaxing in this weekend.



No wonder I was feeling flu-ish, I'm getting sick. It started with a cough this morning, and hit immediatly hurt, then it is feeling like a sinus infection, and I feel like poo and feeling worse by the minute. Shit. When this stuff hits me, it hits me fast because of my lowered immune system (what the Remicade does) and getting infections easy.

I see my internist in the morning, good thing.........



I had my Remicade treatment yesterday and am feeling more flu-ish than I have for a while. I imagine it is from being tired. I don't have a fever so that is a good sign. Things are stable otherwise, leaving everything the same. IF I have to have surgery, he said I'd be fine not too miss any treatments since the surgery won't involve any joints.

Next up: appt on Friday with my internist for a general check up, and to find out what is going on with my protime levels.



I've had a little bit of progress. My gyno's office called Friday afternoon about the cysts, and I've scheduled and appointment to see her on Oct 7, to discuss what needs to be done. Finally.

The past week has been bad pain-wise. I stayed home Monday from work, and felt some better but the rest of the week was worse than normal. Which is pretty much the way it goes, I realized it was the week before my Remicade and things usually get a little worse then. I'll go in Tuesday for the treatment.

I'm also seeing my internist on Friday, Sept 30, to see if he can figure out why my blood isn't staying where it needs to be, it keeps getting thicker.


Bad Health Reporter

I've been so busy, and so much has been going on that I've neglected this health log again. I'm doing somewhat better, but my tummy isn't liking me, and I imagine it is stress related. I hope it will calm down and it isn't a flare.

I heard back from Dr W's office about all of my blood test results. All are good, so now Dr W. just needs to figure out what to do with they cysts and we'll go from there.

My Remicade treatment is in 10 days, and I will see my internist on Sept 30 for a general visit, and to see if he can figure out what's going on with my blood, why it keeps getting thicker despite the increases in coumadin doseage.


Little Set-back

This has been a hot week, and it finally caught up with me - as well as being exhausted. Yesterday was tough, my finger joints were tight and I could feel the inflammation starting. By late afternoon the joints were purple and one finger kept locking up. I rested a lot, and slept well last night. I took an extra boost of prednisone today and within 3 hours I felt a difference. Things are better this afternoon too.

I finally got my internist's office to return my call, the poor people were confused and thought they'd already called me on the tests but ignored the new tests. Duh. I need to increase the coumadin more - at the higher dosage 4 x a week instead of 3. I'll see how that goes. I've also scheduled an appt with him for a general follow up on Sept 30. Maybe he can figure out why the blood keeps thickening.

I will call my gyno's office on Monday, since I haven't heard back from them. They don't like us to call unless it has been 2 weeks. *sigh* At least I know the cancer was negative... now to deal with the cysts and find out about the other blood tests.



The ovarian cancer test came back negative, thank goodness! I don't know what I would have done if it was positive. The other tests came back too but I have no clue how to read them. I will call my gyno and make sure the results have been received.

My protime came back lower again, despite the increase in my coumadin. This is driving me nuts. I've got a call into my internist to see what he wants me to do.

The results from my RA doc, were fine. Liver is good and CBC is in good range. Remicade treatment went fine too. Just feeling the usual flu-ish and tired. It is getting better though.