Karens Health Log

Log of my health issues



We're having a bit of a break from the major heat and my RA is behaving again. I'm just having the normal aches and pains and haven't had to take a pain pill in 2 days - despite having thunderstorms. YAY!

UC was a little off yesterday but not too bad. Blood sugar was fine too. No complaints, really.


The Grand Opening Report

I had my yearly "Grand Opening" exam today with my gyno. As far as the hysterectomy went things are good. She said, "You've got good support all around." I guess those PC exercises are keeping things good in there. LOL! But then my right ovary was a little enlarged and very tender so she thinks that I could have a cyst developing or there is blood in it - which can happen after a partial hysterectomy for those on blood thinners. Hey - if its weird it will happen to me. So I get to have a poky scopy (inner ultrasound) done. Wow, poked twice in a week, this is indeed a record.

Then the fibroid is still in my left boob, and has gotten a little larger so she's ordered an ultrasound and of course both get the mammo.

Since I'm on prednisone, she wants me to have a bone density test which is fine, I've never had one, and I'm guessing that will be the best test of all.

The hospital can do all the tests on Friday (shocker!!) so I'll be there from 8:30 - Noon at least. Bring a book and bring some water to drink (they'll bloat me up and make me hold the pee! I hate that!).

Then since I had 5 units of blood transfused in 2003, I need to have Hep C and an HIV test as a precaution. I don't have any of the symptoms but you never know. I'll have Dr B draw the blood next week when I see him - no sense having two pokes in the arm in a week ;-)

I just love Dr. W. She's so in tune with patients and has caught things my other docs haven't. She's one hell of a smart woman. She's pleased that I'm doing so much better with my RA and UC.

I stayed home from work yesterday because the heat was really getting to me again and I was in quite a bit of pain and combine that with a large lack of sleep I needed to stay home.

BS has been fine - until a few minutes ago when I worked late, so I was eating late and I lost it. It went down to 48.

That's all to report for now...


Damn Heat Take 2

Hotter and more humid yesterday. Thunderstorms, etc. Even though I'm not spending much time outside, its still bothering me. Stairs kill me from toes all the way up my butt. GAH. Pain pills are helping but don't help much on the stairs. I just feel like crap :-( Spirits are pretty good though so I'm not a total slug.

UC and BS have been fine. :-D


Damn Heat

Is really playing a number on me. I had to take two pain pills yesterday at work. I really hate doing that but it was either that or come home and crawl into my bed and that really wasn't an option because I had so much to do. So far, I've only had to take one and am hoping that's all I'll need today.

UC has been OK since Sunday's episodes. Blood sugar has been stable the past couple of days too - it helps to remember to eat. ;-)


Slow Motion

I'm really moving in slow motion today. I'm so drained of energy, and haven't been this tired for a while. I was in quite a bit of pain when I got up, so I took a pain pill and that didn't do much so I took another about 2 hrs later and that helped a lot. I've been resting and taking things easy since. I hope I'm not this tired in the morning, otherwise I don't know if I can make it through 10 hrs of work.

UC was a bit of a pain too earlier but has calmed down.



I've been lost for a while, both on vacation and not updating. I had a great time on vacation, over did things slightly but wouldn't have had it any other way. The pain pills helped though, and just being away having FUN did me a world of good emotionally.

No flares at all, just pain all over. I actually did better when we were getting in/out of the truck than I was when I would drive for long periods of time. The cold wasn't that great on me, but it was better than if had been heat.

My tummy acted up a little before I left but was pretty stable while I was gone. I lost my blood sugar a couple of times but it was due to the strange schedule. Hard to be on the same routine when you're pottering and traveling about.



Had my Remicade treatment yesterday. All looks good, my liver and blood counts are good. In fact my blood count went up a little bit which was a relief since we're worried about the Imuran suppressing my bone marrow like the methotrexate did. So far, so good 2 months into it. I also lost 8 lbs in the last month. I was really excited about that.

So, I'll keep doing what I'm doing. My left hip feels like it is starting to flare. I just took a pain pill to see if that would help. I'll try not to over do things today - but that might be hard with getting ready to go on vacation.