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My foot is feeling somewhat better today, as well as my shoulders. My hands are giving me a bit of trouble, but not too bad. I haven't had to take a pain pill yet this morning.

My left foot, the troublesome one was VERY swollen last night. I decided to prop it up higher to see if that would help with the swelling, and it did! But now that I'm up and moving around, its doing its usual swelling thing again.

I have a doctors appt this morning, to get my blood thinner level checked. I almost feel like I'm coming down with a cold, so I better have him check me for any infection.


My foot is still being a bugger, but better than yesterday. It doesn't hurt if I keep it propped up and don't move it. It still hurts to lift it, so I've got a "thump, drag" move today. Just in time for Halloween. My shoulders are still stinging but not as bad as yesterday either.


Holy shit. About 1:15 my left foot decided to flare big time. All of the sudden it was like sharp knives stabbing it. I held out for a half an hour, then couldn't stand it any more and had to come home. The funny thing is, that it actually hurts less to stand with my full weight on it than not moving it at all. How bizarre is that?! It kills to lift it, as I walk and as I was pushing my clutch in. Came home, got in my jammies, propped my foot up, took a pain pill and watched TV while waiting for some relief. Now its not hurting when I don't move it, that's an improvment! Shoulders are feeling a lot better than this morning too - YAY. Now pain just go away. Go bug some evil person.

Even more misery... yesterday was pretty bad, but I survived. Left ankle/foot flared as well as more of my left shoulder. Last night woke up about 10pm with both shoulders on fire. They throbbed and stung. It took 2 pain pills to just take the edge off enough for me to finally go back to sleep 2 hrs later. They're still pretty bad this morning, but I managed to come into work. Foot is still hurting about the same as last night.


Misery... but am here at work. I AM better than yesterday though. Could be the cold front that is causing me to be so miserable, hard to tell.


I slept for about 4.5 hours this morning, after taking a pain pill and am feeling so much better. Of course everyone's good vibes they were sending me helped too. :-)

Hands, elbows, and shoulders have flared again, along with my right knee and left hip. I'm not going to work today. I'm also having a UC attack. Definitely staying home. I did attempt to shower, but couldn't even get dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Sweats it is, and I conisder myself lucky to have gotten them on.


Rotten RA. I woke up about 1am this morning in major pain. My hands, elbows, shoulders, and hips had decided to flare on me. My knees were better though, they're still sore today but not nearly as bad as yesterday. My hands, etc., are feeling better this afternoon too, after resting and sleeping a lot.


I really over did things yesterday, or at lest I think that's why I'm in soooo much pain right now. It actually started getting worse yesterday afternoon, after shopping (probably did too much walking on knees that were already hurting) and was bad last night. I didn't rest like I should have when I got home, had some stuff to do. So, its probably my own fault that I'm in the state I'm in now. Both knees flared, right shoulder and elbow, and hands are hurting.


What a miserable night I had! My right knee flared sooooo bad I could hardly move it and it was worse when I bent it at all. Otherwise it just throbbed. I took 2 pain pills and it barely took the edge off. Its somewhat better this morning, I can walk on it, and bend it mostly, but it hurts when I get up or sit down. My left knee hurts a little but not bad.

Stomach is NOT liking me this morning. UGH.


I've done well almost all day - and now that I'm less than an hour away from taking a final test, my knees decide to start flaring!? Grrr. I don't get it. I was so hoping I'd get away with taking only one pain pill, but there's no way now, I can hardly walk. I HATE this!

Pain isn't too terrible today. My shoulders and hands are bothering me mostly, but also my knees. I just took a pain pill to take the edge off, and hopefully this will be the only one I'll need today - like yesterday.


Had my Remacade treatment and it went well. They were concerned about my pain, but the actual flares have decreased, so that's a good sign things are working well. He gave me some folnic acid to help with my hair loss - to take along with the folic acid. I go back in a month for another treatment. My RA doc suggested me going to see an internist, so he could keep track of all my treatments and make sure everything is cool. My general doc just doesn't do it, and its in my best interest to do that, so I've got an appt to see that dude on Oct 31. I suppose I could call him the ring leader of the circus called my health. tee hee

I have an appointment on Oct 28 with Dr H, the hematologist (after having a face to face chat with his receptionist, I couldn't be put off any longer). Its still a way off but at least I've got another appt scheduled and Dr H will have time to review my tests and decide what to do with me.

Hurting a lot less today, but still hurting. Remacade treatment is today - YAY. That should help take a lot of the pain and swelling away.

STILL waiting on Dr H's office to let me know what my blood test results are for the anemia. I will be right next door at Dr B's today, I will drop in and pay them a visit in person. Its harder to avoid people when they're standing right there in your face. ;-) tee hee


UGH. Can hardly move... Ouch. Muscles and joints are screaming, most likely from moving into my new cubical yesterday. I didn't move or carry anything heavy, just all the movement and I definitely over did things. I got quite light headed a few times, then standing in line to register for school, I almost passed out 3 times. So weak from the anemia.

I called the doc's office to get my results and the receptionist said she had to talk to the doctor and would have to call me back later. She never called back :-( so frustrating.


Aaarrggghhh! I don't have time for this. I woke up about midnight with flares in my hands and shoulders. Damnit! I have to move cubicals today and have a shit load of stuff to do here at work. I know, take a deep breath... take one thing at a time...


Today isn't too bad! Very stiff and sore when I got up, but showering and moving around have helped. No flares, my wrist feels a lot better. The swelling in my left ankle and foot has finally started to go down. It was really bad all day yesterday, but with everthing that went on, I couldn't put it up as much as I needed to.


Left wrist has flared, so my whole hand is hurting. I've put my brace on and its helping a bit. I'll just baby it the rest of the day and hopefully it won't get worse. Yes, I know typing isn't good... but though. My knees are hurting as well, but not to the flare point. My left foot and ankle are swollen really bad again, it just seems that by Thursday, the fluid retention builds up, then takes all weekend to get rid of it. Looks like its just going to be that way... so, keeping it elevated. I've even worn those damn sexy sox every day this week, and they don't help with the swelling at all - but they're for blood clots really so maybe that's why.


Moan and groan... shoulders, knees and hands are killing me. :-(


Right shoulder is killing me! I think I may have angered it by moving some things to my new cubical. Nothing "heavy" just supplies and misc things. I'm now DONE moving for the day and waiting for the pain pill to kick in. Sheesh... I'm starting to sound like a druggy, huh? ;-) My right hip at the top of my leg in the back, yes, my ASS is flaring too. Damn.

Hurting in my upper body today - shoulders and hands are hurting. And considering the stress I've had the past day or so due to my sis Kathy, I guess I'm doing OK.


I had a pretty good day yesterday, pain-wise. Not too bad at all for most of the day. When I went to bed, I felt more achier. I woke up about 11pm in a lot of pain though. My left calf muscle hurt like hell, and my right shoulder. I could hardly move it, stabbing, sharp pain. One pain pill just wasn't going to do it so I took two and went back to bed. Pain has subsided some, but my calf muscle feels like I've pulled it. I think that pain is from complications of the blood clot, not RA. My shoulder is definitely RA.