Karens Health Log

Log of my health issues


Little Better

I'm not quite as achy and sore today so the rest I got yesterday really helped, and it could be the prednisone is working too. Who knows. Hard to say from one day to the next how things will be.

UC was a bit of a PITA (no pun intended) yesterday but seems to be OK so far today.

Blood sugar has been OK too.


Ditto Ditto

I just realized I didn't post yesterday, probably because everything is the same. I'm feeling a little better today, but think it is my PJ state of mind. I'm more relaxed and not stressing about getting out and doing anything today. I need some quiet time, and resting. I didn't get a lot of resting yesterday and will have a busy/long week this week.



Still feeling much the same, not worse though so that's something! Tummy settled down and is semi-OK again. Somewhat congested today, hope I'm not getting a cold. Could be allergies starting up, usually do this time of year. Not much else to report... haven't noticed the difference from increasing the prednisone yet.


Same Shit, Different Day

Still feeling like crap, and the pain and aches are the same as yesterday. At least they haven't gotten worse - or I don't think they have. I've had to keep taking pain pills. Not taking care of all the pain, put makes it tolerable.

I also was bad yesterday and had a salad. I was craving it SO much, and believe me I paid the price for it. Someone please slap me up the side of the head next time I even think about having a salad. Gives new meaning to salad shooter. ;-) TMI, I know.


Not Happy

I'm so not happy with what was recommended by Dr B yesterday. He wanted me to go back on Methotrexate. Hell NO. I reminded the nurse of why I was taken off of it in the first place. Suppressing bone marrow is a little bit of a problem. It was the cause of my severe anemia and all the hair I lost - despite mega doses of folic acid. No. I can't take Arava because I'm allergic to it. There is one other disease modifying med that he has used, but not often so she'll talk to him about it - but she said that it would be best to sit down and talk to him. So, I'll wait 2 weeks when I have my Remacade. Until then, she told me to double my prednisone. I sure don't want to do that. I'm being stubborn about it, but I should just try it and see if it helps. I can always taper back off in 2 weeks.

I'm hurting worse in my right knee and now my left shoulder is acting up. Hands are about the same, but a little puffier in the finger joints.

UC wasn't very nice this morning but has calmed down... hopefully it will stay calm today. BS was a little low last night before dinner but fine after I ate.


Like a Rock

I slept so good last night, and like a rock. I didn't wake up too stiff and sore, considering I don't think I moved much. I'm feeling so much better after all the rest I've gotten. My hands aren't any better - but still not worse either. Knees about the same, and my right hip is acting up a little but not bad, just when I went up the stairs this morning.

UC has been fine, and so has my blood sugar.



Feeling the same, and hands look the same too. Little more achy in my hips and feet but not too bad. I got a lot of rest yesterday which I needed. Everything else is OK.


About the Same

Maybe feeling a little better, knees aren't hurting quite so bad and my knuckles and finger joints haven't gotten any worse. They're still sore to the touch, like a bruise. I'm just glad they're not getting worse! I slept really well, and the hot shower made me feel less achy. Hopefully it will be a better day.

UC has been OK, and blood sugar has been pretty stable.



I'm feeling like crap, but not quite as bad as I did yesterday afternoon and night. I was miserable. Couldn't even bring myself to go to class. My hands and knees are about the same, at least they're not worse. I called and left a message at the doc's office yesterday. Both the nurse and Dr B are out until Tuesday, so they'll call me back then. Just to let them know what's going on, and I'll let them decide if they need to see me or what needs to be done. I want to nip this before it gets worse - I do not want to go through the hell I did 2 years ago again.


Not Happy

My hands are getting worse, the swelling is on both hands now between the first two knuckles, and now the joings of my fingers are starting to discolor a bit, but they're not too swollen yet. Never a good sign. Seems like we're back sliding in the past 2 months instead of going forward. I think I'll call the nurse today, and have her talk to Dr B about doing some research about something else they can put me on to go along with the Remacade and the prednisone. A disease modifiying med like the Arava and Methotrexate (I can't take either). He's not in the office today, but she can certainly let him know what is going on. My knees are hurting worse as well - even moving in bed last night they hurt! My feet aren't getting worse though, so I'm happy about that.

Mom heard an advertisement about problems with Celebrex and Bextra now. Apparently they've been causing blood clots. This sparked my interest - because I was on Celebrex for over 2 years, and then Bextra for a year, but on 4 times the normal amount... then I got that blood clot down the length of my left leg. Coincidence?! Hmmm... don't know. I'll have to do some resarch and find out for sure what's going on. They took me off the Bextra when I was in the hospital for the blood clot, because it was also irritating my Ulcerative Colitis. I'll never be off blood thinners though, because of the damage the clot did to my veins. I haven't been on any other anti-inflammatory since, because they don't interact well with the Colazol (for my UC) and I get an anti-inflammatory in the Remacade.

Anyway... UC isn't too bad today and BS was fine yesterday and this morning. RA is just being a pain!



On both my hands now, the first two knuckles are swollen. Crap. Looks like Dr B will have to find something else to put me on, in addition to what I already take if things keep going like this. Both knees are hurting a little more than usual too.

I am really tired, and haven't gotten a lot of sleep this week, but I'm hoping to get some extra sleep this weekend and a lot of rest.

UC has been OK, and blood sugar was a little off yesterday but not too bad.



Pretty much ditto from yesterday, except my left shoulder is being a pain. I've noticed when I put my coat on, get dressed/undressed, put my seat belt on, etc., it is starting to pull a bit. My knees are popping some too. Feet are a little bit more painful today too. If they don't get better as I move around, I'll take a pain pill.

The joints of my first and second knuckles are swollen too, and painful. I hope this isn't a flare coming on!



I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, by the time I got home late from class, and did a few things. I wish I could have just climbed in bed when I got home! My legs were really achy for some reason, I had a hard time sitting still in class. It was that restless ache. I took a pain pill when I got home, and that took care of it - and all my other aches.

Not doing too bad this morning, about normal for me.

UC is fine, and so is blood sugar.


Little More Achy

I got about 9 hrs of sleep last night, pretty damn good for a Sunday night. I had to take a couple of pain pills though, and am still pretty achy and knees and feet are giving me grief this morning. It is raining so that probably has something to do with it. I haven't taken another pain pill yet, but will see how my morning goes.

UC has been OK so far too. BS was a little low this morning, since I hadn't eaten for 13 hrs or so.


Semi Achy

Not really too achy this morning, not much pain. Of course the hot shower helped ease a lot of them. UC is much better too today. Should be a good day!


What Stress?

Not feeling stressed in the least today. Slept for about 9 hours, stiff and sore as usual but nothing too bad. The hot shower helped. I'm going to relax today and just do whatever I feel like!

UC is kinda irritating today but not too bad either, just the normal.

Not feeling quite so fluish now either, so the side effects have gone. I got a call from the doc's office and all my liver, CBC, and protine tests came out fine.



I've hit exhaustion... physically and mentally. I've got a million things to do today, but after that I'll have 2 ME days and will get some rest. I'm feeling pretty achy this morning, probably because I didn't move around much last night. I will get moving this morning and get my cleaning done, and hopefully feel better, if not, I'll take a pain pill.

UC is kind of a pain, but hopefully it will settle down now.

BS has been fine.



Feeling like I'm in a weird zone today. Tired but really couldn't sleep any more. Fatigue, and the usually fluish feeling I get after the Remacade, but I'm used to it. Pain isn't too bad today :-)

UC is doing some better too. YAY!


All's Fine

Nothing much to report about the Remacade treatment, he's leaving everything the same. He's going to think about adding another medication, but it will be hard to find a good one that will mix with everything else I take. I can't take methotrexate or Arava. He doesn't want to give me the max dosage (I'm close to being maxed), since he doesn't want to have me more at risk for infection, since I'm tolerating this high does well.

I lost 5 lbs! This makes about 20 in the last 5 months! Woohoo! Despite the prednisone! If I could get off the nasty stuff, I'm sure it would drop off quicker.

Remacade Day!

YAY! Pretty sad when I look forward to such things, huh? I usually feel more tired and flu-ish for a couple of days but after that I get more pain relief. Over all, I think this month, things has improved a little on the day to day aches, but then again I had the shoulder flare (not the MAJOR flares like I used to get though), and a almost had one in my left hip. So I'll tell the doc about that. I'm not hurting too bad today though, despite how damn cold it is out.

UC is being a pain though. The Remacade will help that too. BS was fine yesterday.



Nothing new there, being tired. I did sleep pretty good, thanks to a pain pill! I only got about 6.5 hrs though. I'm hurting again today, but not quite bad enough for a pill. My knees and feet are the worst again, and feel generally achy all over.

UC is a bit of a bother but is settling down now... I hope! Blood sugar has been OK, except dropping a little because I forgot to eat my afternoon meal again, but I ate an early dinner so that brought it back up.



The joys of RA... what can I say? I'm hurting quite a bit this morning, not even the hot shower helped much. Time for a pain pill! I'm not hurting enough to stay home though... I'll muddle through my day and hopefully it will get better. Remacade this Wednesday. YAY.

UC is doing OK, about normal - for me. BS has been good. It was a little low before dinner last night, but only 76.


Hit the Fan

I was right about the UC being trouble yesterday. Holy shit (no pun intended!). Things are better today though.

Not too achy today either :-) YAY!


More Achy

Feeling pretty achy today, pretty much all over. Knees and feet are the worst. I also didn't sleep much last night, woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep. I'll live though.

UC has been quiet... too quiet. I imagine today won't be such a good day there especially how stressed I was yesterday.

BS had been level.



Feeling pretty blah today. Aches aren't too bad, UC is a little bit of a pain, but BS is fine. Just not feeling very perky. Tired, stressed, and just feel like something is missing.


Dead Head

I slept like a rock, and am feeling pretty good - or at least not as achy as I was last night. My left hip in the groin started to flare a bit, hurt it push my leg forward. Knees were killing me too, but they've both quieted. Feet are about the same.

UC is a little on the rough side but not bad. Of course I ate some lemon chicken yesterday so maybe it is upset over that. BS has been fine.



Not feeling too bad today. The ball of my right foot is hurting worse than normal, feels like I'm walking on rocks. Hips are some better, as well as knees.

UC is so-so, and BS is fine. Not too much to report today!



Feeling a lot better! Cough is almost gone, not very stuffy and throat isn't bad at all. Fever is broken (pretty sure!), and I don't feel quiet as achy. Not even from the RA this morning.

UC is a bit of a pain so far, but hopefully it will settle down. BS has been OK too.