Karens Health Log

Log of my health issues



Not doing too bad at all - not much pain from the RA and UC is doing OK. BS has been stabe yesterday and so far today.


More Even

Feeling a bit more "even" this morning, not quite so fragile. But that could change, as quickly as it did yesterday - so I'm armed with Xanax if I need one. I do think it was hormonal, and then yesterday afternoon on my way home I started feeling out of control, shaky and spacy. I got home and tested my sugar and it was 60, so it was on the way down.

Aches and pains aren't too bad today YAY. I hate the prednisone for the side effects but it does help with the pain. I wish there was something else I could take in place of it that would do just as good of a job without the side effects.

UC was angered last night, so no more salsa for me - at least for a month or so ;-) It is so bad for me, but I just crave it. Even if it is a teaspoon full, I gotta have some.


Emotional Outburst

I've gone from nice to bitch in 1.3 seconds. Not sure what is going on but I just feel like I need to just go home, crawl under the covers and not come out until I can be nice - and of course have a good cry. Over what, I'm not really sure.

PMS?! I know since my hyster - I haven't been like this, not once. But there were times before it that I was like this. Fine one minute - crying the next.

I'm Here

Feeling about the same... nothing new to report. Still achy, sore but not quite bad enough for a pain pill, however I ended up taking one last night.

BS wasn't too bad either, it dropped to about 72 but that isn't too low. Otherwise it has been in the normal range.



I'm pretty achy and sore this morning, but OK. Not bad enough for a pain pill, and I plan on resting and relaxing anyway so I shouldn't need one. My hands hurt throughout the night again, but didn't completely wake me up. I was sleeping quite deeply.

UC is OK. BS was a little low last night before dinner, it was 63 but was OK this morning at 98.


Not Bad!

I slept a lot better last night - for about 8.5 hours. I had to get up to pee twice - which is starting to become a regular thing again. *sigh*

Not to sore this morning. Had a nice hot shower and felt even better after that. Hopefully it will last throughout the day.

BS was OK yesterday, although I felt a little shaky around 10am, it was 92 which is fine. Maybe just tired from cleaning, etc.

UC is OK this morning too.



I'm very sleep and tired this morning. I didn't get home until 10:30 last night, then not to sleep until 11:30 so I was awake for 19 hours! I got up early too, so I could take my meds and get moving. I'm a little stiff and sore, but not too bad really.

My BS last night when I got home was 53 so I drank some lemonade and this morning it was 93 so that did the trick. The BS was pretty stable yesterday, other than that drop last night.

UC is OK this morning so far, doesn't seem to be too upset about the chips and salsa yesterday... but time will tell! Hopefully since I hadn't had spicy food for a while, it won't be too bad.



Nothing much to report this morning. Pain level is about the same. Just took the increased dose of prednisone. The Allegra D seems to be helping my congestion and sneezing already. UC is doing OK too - and blood sugar was good yesterday. Felt a little shaky this morning, and it was down to 65.


Appt Results

I was hoping my mouth would be one thing that wouldn't have problems, but I do. They found a hole in the root of a molar that has had a root canal, and this is just something that happens - not decay. I have to go in about a month and he'll have to do some minor surgery to see if he can get in there and patch it. If not, then he'll have to refer me to an oral surgeon and it may have to have that root removed - IF that can be done, if not I'll lose the tooth. Lovely. Everything else looked great though. Not bleeding anywhere which is excellent for being on all the meds and blood thinners. No caveties either.

My Remacade appt went OK, but he wants to increase my prednisone again - crap. Still a low dose but I want to get off of this stuff!! I may be starting a slight sinus infection, or am just congested so he prescribed Allegra D. If I get worse then I'm to call him. Otherwise - back in a month!

The nurse printed off my test results from Dr B2, but she didn't understand most of them, but my over all blood sugar was 73- little on the low side. I won't know anything until I see the Endrocon. guy in November.


I woke up feeling very relaxed this morning, since not going to work today. I have my Remacade appt, and then my dental appt (6 month check up) this afternoon. I did have quite a bit of pain in my hands through the night, they kept waking me up but not enough to phase me. I was really tired.

UC is behaving again, and the cramping is gone. Whew.

BS was OK yesterday, I started getting shaky in class but I didn't have a tester with me so I just ate a piece of candy and I was fine after that.



It is a little nippy out, and I am pretty stiff and sore. Don't need a pain pill though, at least not right now. I took a hot shower and it eased the pain. I hit my knuckle this morning against my car window as getting into my car (just barely) and thought I'd slammed it in the door, it hurt so bad.

UC is being a little strange, a lot of cramping still but not the usual stuff that goes along with it. I've been bad about using the Rowasa, so I better start being better.

BS was OK yesterday and it was 89 this morning - despite feeling light headed, maybe I am just tired.


Not Bad

Not doing too bad this morning as far as pain. Hooray! I was a little sore getting out of my car but it got better as I walked some. More storms coming through but they're not bothering me too bad.

UC is being a pain though, starting to cramp again and I haven't done that in a while. Not sure what is going on there. Hopefully it is just a bad day.

BS has been OK, too. Didn't drop low yesterday and so far today, it hasn't.

The pain in my ribs is totally gone now.


Some Improvement

Not hurting quite so bad this morning, and did sleep better last night. No pains waking me up. I did take a pain pill before bed. The pain in my ribs is gone already too.

UC isn't being all that nice either again. Yesterday afternoon was a bit miserable. Could have been the spicy chicken sandwich I ate for dinner Friday. Who knows.

BS was OK yesterday, I didn't get shaky at all.



The pain in my ribs is back! Kept waking me up last night, every time I took a deep breath or moved. RA was kinda bad too. Not a good night. :-(

The shower helped my RA this morning, I do need a pain pill but will hold off a bit, so I can get some studying done. The pain isn't bad when I'm not moving.

UC is doing some better today. BS has been OK, dropped yesterday (I think!!) before lunch. I forgot to test my sugar but felt really light headed and had a weird headache.


Much the Same

Nothing new to report really. Blood sugar was OK yesterday and again this morning. It may have dropped yesterday evening, but I didn't have a tester with me so I couldn't test it. I just grabbed some juice and felt OK after that.

RA is about the same, am really achy but that should go away as I move around. HOPEFULLY!



I'm about the same pain-wise as yesterday. I managed to do OK without a pain pill until yesterday afternoon and again in the evening. My hands are still hurting, when I grip things but not typing. Feet are about the same.

Tummy is rumbling, I hope my UC isn't flaring... doesn't feel right. Or maybe all the stress is catching up with me.

BS this morning was 87. Last night before dinner it was 140 (but I felt as if it was low)! Highest I've caught it, then I checked it 2 hrs later, after eating a potato and it was 106. I would have thought it would be higher. ?? None of this makes sense, really! None at all.


Achy, Achy

I'm so achy today!! I didn't take a pain pill yesterday, because I got feeling better and didn't need it. But by the time I got home last night I was hurting. Still am... I did get about 7 hours constant sleep which felt great. It could be the change in temps, it is starting to cool off - which I love, but the change bothers me. I also slept with my window open which I also love and was snuggled down in my bed with lots of blankets. I love the fresh air. Was cold getting out of bed. The shower helped but not completely. Gripping things hurts my fingers, and my feet and knees are rebelling. Hip isn't too bad though.

BS this morning was 98. Good. It was 89 at lunch yesterday and then 59 at dinner. I was going to check it before I went to bed, but forgot. New habit I need to get into.

UC is still being a bother, but it is better than yesterday.



So hard getting out of bed this morning - both from the achiness and for the want of staying in bed and hiding from life. Can't do that though, even though I'm on a pity pot today, I need to keep going. I'm just really frustrated and angry that I've got all these health problems. I feel like I'm 80 instead of 37. I'm just tired........................

UC is a bit of a shit (no pun intended), and my BS this morning was 82 (normal is between 80-120) so that's perfect.

I will hold off taking a pain pill since I have to do some driving in couple of hours - but maybe by then I won't need one. Fingers crossed.



I can stop stressing now... no pancreatic tumor and nothing wrong with my pituitary. I'm borderline diabetic. My Dad says you can't be borderline, either you've got it or you don't. Well, it looks like I've got it - but catching it early. I need to make an appt with the specialist tomorrow, but have been told it will be about an 8 week wait. I'll be OK, they told me to keep checking my blood sugar like I've been doing.

I'm upset - but at the same time relieved. At least diabetes at this stage can be controlled. My Mom said I've joined the ranks of the family now... only one brother doesn't have it. The rest of us do.


Pain is about the same level as it has been the past few days. Not quite bad enough for a pain pill this morning, the shower did the trick. We had a thunderstorm last night, and I was feeling it in the afternoon and evening. Slept pretty good, once I got to sleep. No pain woke me up in the night, so that was nice.

UC is OK, no major complaints there.

Blood sugar was a little low this morning, at 68.


Waking Pain

I kept waking up as I moved last night, especially my hands. They're loosening up but they haven't hurt this bad in a while. My feet hurt pretty bad too, when I walk and stairs bother my knees more than usual. My hip isn't quite as bad today but still painful.

Not much else to report - blood sugar was 103 this morning. Perfect.


OK Day

I've had an OK day pain wise. My blood sugar dropped to 53 before breakfast but has been OK the rest of the day. I'm starting to have some pain though, so I'll have an easy night.

UC has been a bit of a pest, but not too bad.


Not Bad

The pain isn't too bad this morning, YAY! Blood sugar was good yesterday, except a bit low last night (68). It was 94 this morning despite feeling shaky.

Not much else to report... trying to stay positive and not worry until I know what I'm dealing with.



I woke up with another major headache. Don't know what is going on there, but it is driving me nuts. I hate headaches! My sugar level was fine last night and this morning. I felt a little shaky, but it is probably from being upset and scared about what's going on. I'm really trying not to be upset, but I am. I honestly wonder how much more shit I can take. I guess I'll have a mini pity party because I'm allowed. I really hope what ever is wrong, it isn't as serious as he thinks. I even wonder if my immune system is attacking my pancreas or if it is linked to it all somehow. Time will tell... I won't know the results for a week so I'm not waiting on pins and needles yet - wait until next Wednesday/Thursday then I'm sure I will be.

RA pain isn't so bad today - at least compared to my headache!


When is it Going to be Enough?

I just got back from Dr B2 (internist) and he's not too happy about my blood sugar dropping. He didn't want to freak me out, but it can be quite serious. It could be one of 3 things.
1. I'm giving myself Insulin injections (ruled OUT)
2. I have a tumor or growth in my pancreas causing it to produce more insulin
3. Problem with my pituitary gland

Not really great choices. He won't know for certain until the tests come back. No medication can help, if it is #2, I'll have to have surgery. He didn't go into what #3 would entail. Loverly.

He thinks my lack of concentration, not sleeping well, etc., is probably stress related and with all the pain I'm in and all my health problems, I'm allowed to be down. If I start having suicidal thoughts then that's something to worry about. I just need to let things out and not keep things bottled in.

Painwise, I'm better today than yesterday - but back to the same that I've been all weekend.

Some Better

Pain isn't as bad today. YAY. Still there though. Getting really tired of this and it is wearing me down emotionally as well as physically. I really don't like taking the pain pills either. But I know it puts my body in more stress not to.

I have an appt with Dr B2 today, my internist for a follow up, and to see what is going on with my blood sugar dropping so low at times, and the pain in my ribs that comes and goes.



I'm really feeling like crap today. Hurt everywhere!! I just don't feel like pushing myself either. Not even the shower made me feel better. I also have a headache from hell. Staying home, sleeping and resting.

Tummy is rumbling too, probably the coleslaw I ate. Bad Karen.


Pain, Pain, Go Away

I'm still having a lot of pain. I managed to get through the daylight hours with one pain pill yesterday, but had to take another one with dinner. Seems that mornings and evenings are the worst. Somewhat of a pattern.

UC is behaving, I've been behaving with things I've eaten too.

Pain in my ribs came back over night, but has gotten better since I've been up. Strange thing.



I'm the same pain wise today. Feet and knees are the worst still. Just took pain pill #1 and hopefully that will get me through the day. I took one yesterday and it did the trick. Much better than Friday though.

Everything else is OK :-)


Pain Pill Hangover!

I'm so tired this morning, I think I might be suffering from a pain pill hangover, and just might have over did things yesterday with as much pain as I was in.

I took 5 pain pills during a 15 hour period! #4 did the best job, got me through class and a trip to the store. Then #5 was taken before I went to bed. I hurt everywhere, but especially my feet, knees and hips.

I'm feeling better pain wise this morning though, still hurting but not nearly as bad. I imagine I'll be able to go without pain pills today, since I will be studying and won't be moving around much.

UC is behaving, and my headache is still sort of "there". It may just be sinuses now, as my jaw isn't tight any more.



I just love rain, but hate what it does to my joints! I'm very achy this morning again, some worse I think. I'll definitely have to take a pain pill so I can get my cleaning done. No rest for me this morning. Hopefully I can get it all done, then rest before I go to class.

Still have that headached, it is just lingering though. I keep finding myself clenching my jaw which isn't helping. My sinuses are a little stuffy too - allergies.

UC is about the same, little bothersome yesterday but settled down.

Pain in my ribs is still there, when I cough but not sharp pain, just a dull ache.


Major Headache

I had such a major headache yesterday. It felt like a tension/sinus headache. It didn't go away, not even with the pain pills and muscle relaxants. It feels some better this morning, but is still lingering.

RA is hurting today too, a bit more actually so I took a pain pill this morning.

The pain in my ribs is almost gone too. :)


Same Old, Same Old

Nothing much has changed, still really achy in the mornings, and then it gets some better and then worse again at night. I had to take a pain pill last night, but also for a major tension headache too.

UC has been quiet the past couple of days.

The pain in my ribs is starting to get better too, I can actually sneeze now without wanting to cry.