Karens Health Log

Log of my health issues



Allergies are really bad right now, so stuffy and itchy. Zyrtec doesn't appear to be doing squat. :-( RA isn't quite as bad as last week, so that's good. UC is still doing some better too. YAY!



I've really been neglecting this lately. I have just felt like crap - lots of pain from the RA. So much so that I stayed home from work on Monday. Taking 2 pain pills at a time, plus muscle relaxants. It was like a all-over body flair. Slowly I've gotten better, but am still taking the pain pills, but one at a time. There have been a few storms coming in/out and the temp went from 70 on Saturday to 40-50 during the day on Sunday and since. I really have trouble when the weather can't make up its mind, and the seasons change. I'm not looking forward to the summer, because the heat has as much of a bad effect on my joints as the cold does - almost worse if it is too hot.

UC is still doing good, and my blood sugar has been OK - drops now and again but not too low. I'm done whining for now ;-)



Things slowly got better over the weekend. By Saturday afternoon, the swelling of my foot joints was pretty much gone, and my knees felt some better. I didn't take a pain pill yesterday until I went to bed, and haven't had to take on yet today. YAY! Just the usual aches and pains this morning, but not bad enough for the pain pill.

UC is still doing good! :-D YAHOOO!!



Boy, I'm hurting today! Rain, sleep with not a lot of movement and just regular RA stuff. Balls of my feet are hurting bad, can hardly walk, and my knees don't like me at all. I've got my cleaning done, and now will relax and take a nap. UC is still doing good! YAY!


Remacade Appt

I had my monthly Remacade treatment yesterday, and things are going pretty well. There is some improvement and the Imuran is probably a factor. I mentioned my UC has improved too, and he said, "Well, that's because it is used to treat it too." Well, why the hell didn't they give it to me awhile a go, is beyond me. Maybe because I was so anemic. Hard to say. Oh well, am on it now and seem to be tolerating it OK. The nurse will call if there's any drop in my red blood cell or liver function, etc. They'll keep a close eye on it.

Other than that... having some pain to day, and really tired and flu-ish but that's normal.



I had a pretty good couple of days, but then of course I over did things and now am feeling like poo! Painful all over, can't really find a joint that isn't hurting to some degree. The hot shower helped but not as much as it usually does. I just need to rest, and hope that I haven't brought on a flare. I really didn't have any choice though, between school and work, this is just how it is. 5 more weeks and I'm taking the summer off from school. But I'm sure I'll find something else to get me in trouble. LOL!

UC has been OK, nothing much to report there.

Blood sugar has been good too. YAY!